10+ Upcoming Korean Dramas of July 2019

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10+ Upcoming Korean Dramas of July 2019
10+ Upcoming Korean Dramas of July 2019

10+ Upcoming Korean Dramas of July 2019

10+ Upcoming Korean Dramas of July 2019. July is just around the corner and there are a lot of good dramas waiting for us. Here is a list of all the dramas that will be released next month. 

The dramas will be ordered by the date in which they’ll be released.

1. Love Affairs in the Afternoon- Jul 5, 2019

Son Ji Eun moves to a small city due to her husband’s new job as a civil servant. She works part-time at a mart. Son Ji Eun is quiet and sincere. Her life in the small city becomes boring. Son Ji Eun’s life is shaken by Yoon Jung Woo. Yoon Jung Woo is a biology teacher at a local school.

Airs On: Friday, Saturday


2. Level Up- July 10, 2019

Ahn Dan Te is the ace director of Yoo Seong CRC, a company specializing in restructuring. He is a true “cold city man” of this era with a poker face that doesn’t express emotions, perfect workmanship, and cold-blooded harshness.
Shin Yeon Hwa is the chief development officer of the dying game company Joy Buster, who teams up with Ahn Dan Te. She will start to develop a new game to satisfy him, but they will end up quarreling, creating a lovable comedy for the viewers.
The drama between cold Ahn Dan Te and passionate Shin Yeon Hwa will double the excitement by stirring up odd chemistry. 

Episodes: 12

Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday


3. Hotel del Luna-July 13, 2019 

IU And Yeo Jin Goo In Hotel Del Luna

“Hotel del Luna” is a fantasy horror romance that tells the story of elite hotelier Goo Chan Sung (played by Yeo Jin Goo), who ends up running the hotel for ghosts due to fateful events, and hotel owner Jang Man Wol (played by IU), who is as beautiful and aloof as she is ill-tempered.

Episodes: 16

Airs On: Saturday, Sunday

4. Golden Garden-July 13, 2019

“Golden Garden” tells the story of four people who have lived totally different lives from one another but get involved in each other’s lives due to an incident.

Episodes: 40

Airs On: Saturday

Duration: 30 min.


5. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung- Jul 17, 2019 

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

“Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” is a fictional historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty in the 19th century that tells the story of women who were frowned upon for writing historical records. The drama will fight against outdated prejudice on the basis of gender and social status and show the value of change.

Episodes: 32

Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday

Duration: 35 min

6. Class of Lies-Jul 17, 2019


The drama is about a highly successful lawyer who falls from grace because of one case. He becomes a fixed term teacher at a high school that is tied to that case in order to regain his honor. Though he goes into the classroom for selfish reasons, he begins to see the crimes that take place and he takes matters into his own hands to help protect victims from their peers.

The drama will shine a spotlight on the reality of teenagers facing little to no repercussions after committing a crime because they are teenagers, providing no protection for those who become a victim to these crimes

Episodes: 16

Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday


7. Justice- Jul 17, 2019 

Lee Tae-Kyung (Choi Jin-Hyuk) is a star lawyer with the best win rate. He is able to win cases by using his sharp logic and intelligent speeches. Lee Tae-Kyung amasses power and wealth by dealing with clients who are part of the elite class.

Lee Tae-Kyung gets these high-class criminals acquitted or at minimum receive probation. Lee Tae-Kyung first became a lawyer to get revenge for his younger sister, but he has since become focused on money. He changes when he deals with a series of cases involving missing actresses.



8. Doctor Room- Jul 19, 2019

9.Welcome 2 Life-Jul 29, 2019


“Welcome 2 Life” is a fantasy drama that will tell the story about a selfish lawyer who helps people who want to take advantage of the law. One day he gets sucked into a parallel universe due to an unfortunate accident and begins to live a completely new life as an upright prosecutor.

Episodes: 32

Airs On: Monday, Tuesday

Duration: 35 min.


10. I Wanna Hear Your Song-

(to be announced)

A murder takes place. Hong Yi-Young (Kim Se-Jeong), who is a timpanist, does not remember what happened on the day of the murder. She is simple-minded and suffers from insomnia. Hong Yi-Young looks for a job. She happens to meet Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo-Jin). He is bad at singing but is a pianist in an orchestra. To help with Hong Yi-Young’s insomnia, Jang Yoon calls her every night. They try to find the truth about the murder.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo-Wan (Song Jae-Rim) is an orchestra conductor. He has charisma and showmanship. Ha Eun-Joo (Park Ji-Yeon) is a violinist in the orchestra. She is arrogant.

Airs On: Mon & Tue 2


11. Melo Suits Me- (to be announced)

A romantic comedy that depicts the daily lives of 30-year-old best friends Lim Jin-joo, Lee Eun-jung and Hwang Han-joo.

Hwang Han Joo is the head of a marketing team for a drama production company. She is a single mother who struggles to balance her work and personal life as she is raising a kid.

Im Jin Joo is a drama writer with a lot of emotional ups and downs. Her personality is unique, talking to a luxurious purse at times. Even though she is a drama writer, she tries to write her scripts in a literary style. 

Lee Eun Jung is a documentary director. She runs her own production company, although she’s the only employee. One of her documentaries surprisingly becomes popular overnight.

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