10 Upcoming Korean Dramas of May 2021

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10 Upcoming Korean Dramas of May 2021
10 Upcoming Korean Dramas of May 2021

The month of May has a lot in store for us, with some epic Korean dramas that will be released. See the list below to check them out.

Youth of May

Hee-Tae and Myung-Hee fell in love during the Gwangju Uprising that happened in May 1980.

Hee-Tae studies medicine and is at the top of his class. He appears to be a laid-back person, but he also has a determined spirit and determination. Myung-Hee has served as a nurse for the past 3 years. She is a lovely person, who stands up against what is not just.

Release Date and Time: May 3, 2021 – Jun 8, 2021,

Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30, Monday, Tuesday


Lee Do-Hyun 

Go Min-Si 

Lee Sang-Yi 

Keum Sae-Rok 


Mine captures the lives of women who try to find tries to survive in a prejudiced world.

Seo Hee-Soo was a star actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of a chaebol family. The chaebol household runs the Hyowon Group. She does her best to fit in as a daughter-in-law of that family. She acts confidently all the time so as not to lose her true self.

Jung Seo-Hyun is wedded to the first son of the same chaebol family. She is also the daughter of a chaebol family. She is elegant and intelligent. 

Release Date: May 8, 2021 —

Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00


  • Lee Bo-Young 
  • Kim Seo-Hyung 
  • Lee Hyun-Wook 
  • Ok Ja-Yeon 

Doom at Your Service 

Tak Dong Kyung has been toiling hard as an web novel editor for 6 years ever since her parents died. To make matters worse she gets diagnosed with brain cancer. She blames her unfortunate life and beggins to curse everything to disappear, which unintentionally calls Myeol Mang, a messenger between humans and gods, to appear. He says that he can grant her dreams. As her last hope, she makes a contract with Myeol Mang for a hundred days to live how she wants, risking her everything.

Release Date: May 10, 2021 

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00

  • Park Bo-Young 
  • Seo In-Guk 
  • Lee Soo-Hyuk 
  • Kang Tae-Oh


Ma-Ha (Jung Ji-So) is a member of a girl group called Teaparty. Since their debut, they haven’t achieved much fame. Ma-Ha has received some attention due to her resemblance to popular singer Ri-Ma (Park Ji-Yeon).

Afterwhich, Teaparty then takes part in a reality TV program, involving popular idol groups participating in sporting events. 

 Meanwhile, Kwon Ryeok (Lee Jun-Young) is member of popular boy band Shax. He is popular and is good at singing, dancing, and acting. He doesn’t like Ma-Ha, who imitates the appearance of popular singer Ri-Ma. During the TV program, Hyeok (Jong Ho) from boy band Shax gets injured due to Ma-Ha. Kwon Ryeok bursts out with anger at Ma-Ha. She also receives hate from other people. Ma-Ha doesn’t want to see Kwon Ryeok anymore, but they cross paths on TV programs and while performing in a drama series.

Release Date: May 7, 2021 

Runtime: Friday 23:20


  • Jung Ji-So 
  • Lee Jun-Young 
  • Yun Ho 
  • Lim Na-Young 

My Roommate is a Gumiho

Shin Woo-Yeo is a 999 year old nine-tailed fox who is also good-looking and intelligent professor. To enter human form, he collects human energy in a bead.

Meanwhile, Lee Dam is a university student. One day, her drunk friend falls asleep on top of an expensive car. She apologizes to Shin Woo-Yeo, who is the car owner. While Lee Dam struggles to take her friend away, Shin Woo-Yeo gives her a hand. An accident happens that changes their fate. Shin Woo-Yeo’s bead falls out of his mouth and Lee Dam unintentionally swallows it. 


The bead can exist inside of a human for no more than 1 year and, afterwards, the bead will break inside of that person. This will cause Lee Dam to die and Shin Woo-Yeo will lose his chance to become a human. Shin Woo-Yeo explains to Lee Dam their predicament and suggests that they should live together until they figure out a solution.

Lee Dam, who has never had a boyfriend in her life, now lives with Shin Woo-Yeo.

Release Date: May 26, 2021 —

Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:30


  • Jang Ki-Yong 
  • Hyeri 
  • Bae In-Hyuk 
  • Kang Han-Na 
  • Kim Do-Wan 

Bossam: Steal the Fate

PlotBa-Woo is a troublemaker man that often gambles and fights. While hiding his real identity he also engages in the bossam practice whereby he kidnaps widows and forces them to be remarried to single men.While performing a bossam, he mistakenly kidnaps Princess Soo-Kyung . She is the daughter of Prince Gwanghae and the daughter-in-law of his enemy Lee Yi-Cheom. For a secret political agreement, she married the older brother of a man she loved, but, on the day of her wedding, her husband died. She then became a widow.

Release Date: May 1, 2021 

Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:40


Jung Il-Woo

Kwon Yuri

Shin Hyun-Soo

Flying Butterflies

Set at hair salon Fly High, Butterfly and follows the workers there. Gi Bbeum is in her early 20’s and works at Fly High, Butterfly as an assistant intern. She works with three other assistant interns: Moo Yeol, Teacher Woo, and Soo Ri. Gi Bbeum works hard, but she has a hard time dealing with customers. Gwang Soo is a hairstylist at Fly High Butterfly. He is enthusiastic at his job and he works with hair salon director Michel and hairstylist Jen.

Release date: May 24, 2021 – Jul 13, 2021

Runtime:  Monday, Tuesday


Kim Hyang Gi

Choi Daniel

Oh Yoon Ah

Here’s My Plan

A story where a girl who thinks she has lived an unfortunate life her whole life dreams of revenge on those people who made her life unhappy. Lee So Hyun is 20-years-old. She dropped out of high school and resorts to pickpocketing to support herself. Lee Jae Young runs a small chicken restaurant. He is warm-hearted and he often helps people in bad situations.

Airs: May 19, 2021 – May 27, 2021

Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday


  • Kim Hwan-Hee 
  • Ryu Soo-Young 
  • Kim Do-Hoon 
  • Rie Young-Zin 

Move to Heaven

Geu-Roo is a young man with Asperger syndrome. He works for his father’s company “Move To Heaven.” Their job is to orchestrate items left by deceased people. One day, Geu-Roo’s father dies. Gue-Roo is left alone, but his uncle Sang-Koo suddenly appears in front of him. Sang-Koo is a cold man. He was a martial artist who fought in underground matches. He went to prison because of what happened at his fight. Sang-Koo now becomes Geu-Roo’s guardian. They run “Move To Heaven” together.

Release Date: May 14, 2021


  • Lee Je-Hoon 
  • Tang Joon-Sang 
  • Hong Seung-Hee 
  • Kim Doh-Yon