12 One Night Stand Korean Dramas

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12 One Night Stand Korean Drama
12 One Night Stand Korean Drama

One Night Stand Korean Dramas are becoming very popular. Don’t you just love those Korean dramas where the storyline challenges us and keeps us at the edge of our seats? Korean dramas like these have great storylines and amazing actors, we as fans have no option but to be drawn in.


Check out this list that was specially made for you.


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Cha Jin Wook is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company.   He meets Yoo-Mi at a Resort and they got caught up in a series of accidents and misunderstandings.

YOO-MI was charmed by Jin-Wook’s sly and playful personality and they unexpectedly spend the night together. Yoo-Mi, however, disappears in the morning.

They meet again three years later, whereupon they kick off a shaky push-pull romance that’ll keep them on their toes as they fall in love.

I DO, I DO (2012)



A woman is the top shoe designer at a shoe company. The woman is called “Gold Miss,” because she is in her mid-30’s, single, and financially successful.

She mistakenly spends a drunken night with a counterfeit shoes peddler and becomes pregnant.




While on vacation, an ordinary girl, Mi Yeong, accidentally happens to spend one night with an unknown rich man and even gets pregnant from that night.

Through this incident, her life is never the same, and this fateful encounter brings love that transforms this not-so-special girl to an attractive, charming lady.

I LOVE YOU(2008)


This is a drama that tells the story of a couple who just had a baby because of a one night stand. It will portray the modern generation’s view on love and marriage as well as the responsibility of raising a child.

WHAT’S UP FOX? (2006)


Single 33-year-old Go Byeong Hee works as a reporter for a sex magazine. She wants more romance and a more respectable life but isn’t sure how to get it.

24-year-old Park Chul Su, mechanic and world traveller, is the younger brother of Byeong Hee’s best friend. He’s free-spirited and not concerned with what the world thinks.

One night, the two old family friends get drunk and wake up in bed together. Go Byeong Hee wants to forget it ever happened, especially since a good marriage prospect has just made an appearance. Unfortunately for her, Chul Su has other ideas.



Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bump into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other’s passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end up spending the day together. Back in Korea, Se Jin discovers she is pregnant and leaves to have the baby alone.

After her secret is revealed Seung-wan and Se Jin are then forced to marry by their respective families.  The rest of the story revolves around the family’s journey in learning to take responsibility and learning to love each other.



Three Dads One Mom (2008)


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them. But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband’s friends fathered her child.


The father of Na Young’s child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.






This drama will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure.

The story includes the romantic relationship between Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue, and strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games.






Even though this drama deals with a serious topic like cancer – it delivers it in a more “peaceful” way than a melodrama way – it was easy enough to watch and I only cried a few times.

Doctor Cha Mi Rae with one daughter. One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has about one year to live. She then seeks out her first love Kim Yeol. For her daughter, she struggles to turn Yeol into the best father possible.




This is the story of two women, Seo Jung Eun and Han Yoo Kyung, who walk very different paths to achieve their desires. Seo Jung Eun is a strong and courageous woman who has suffered a difficult life, having grown up in an orphanage but continues to embrace people around her despite longing for affection herself.

Jung Eun harbours the hope that she will meet her mother if she becomes a star, striving to reach her goal and overcome her suffering through her pure and innocent nature. In contrast, Han Yoo Kyung has a birth secret for which she is willing to throw away everything in order to get revenge.





HL15-00049a.jpgHo Goo has never dated in his life. He runs into his first love Do Hee. She is a member of the national swimming team and has a burning desire to win. She also talks like one of the guys. After Ho Goo meets Do Hee again, he becomes involved in a complicated romantic relationship and a dangerous friendship.





Sweet Yun Hwa becomes the unwitting stepsister of Yu Ra. Though Yun Hwa would love nothing more to be sisters with Yu Ra, the latter will have nothing of it, due to a sticky situation in which her long-term crush, Yun Jae, just happens to be Yun Hwa’s doting boyfriend.

In a tragic instant, Yu Ra takes everything Yun Hwa ever had: a promising future, a loving boyfriend, and the comfort of her family.

Comment below which one you’ve watched before. Do you know of any more that can be added to the list?

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