18 Again Episode 10 Recap

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18 Again Episode 10 Recap
18 Again Episode 10 Recap

18 Again Episode 10 Recap

18 Again Episode 10 begins with a flashback of Goo Woo Young awaiting Jung Da Jung at the school gate. Knowing she’ll be late, he waits patiently even though he knows they’ll be punished.

 As they run around the track, he carries her bag pack and promises to take care of her by ensuring she won’t be late for school. To keep his promise, he calls her early in the morning before school and sings for her, which got her laughing. 

The flashback later goes back to The 13th Serim Arts Festival, where Woo Young invites Da Jung to the gym, where he confesses his love and promises to be sincere to her.

Back to the Present Goo Woo Young is awakened in a hospital after being hit by a car after saving a little girl. He is left traumatized for a while and begins to daydream back to the year 2017 of his family coming to comfort him in the hospital, however, he is suddenly disappointed after being brought back to reality.  

Meanwhile, as Si-Aa walks home from work late at night, she is greeted by the mystery person from the previous episodes. 

As she tries to run away, he grabs her but to his surprise, she flipped him to the ground and halted him. Feeling thankful, she remembers her mom who encouraged her to take self-defense lessons.  

Woo Young suddenly showed up just in time, as the offender took out his knife.

Back at the station, Da Jung and her mom gathered and they all attacked the offender. Based on pictures found, the police found out that Si-a was being followed for a while.

Thankful that Woo Young was there to save Si-Aa from the offender Da-Jung’s mother expresses how grateful she was. Getting emotional, Wo Young called her Mother, which left everyone in awkward silence. 

The grandmother being shocked thought he called her Mother and later believed her gut feeling was right and that she knew he liked Si-Aa.

Realizing the awkward conversation, Si-a immediately changes the topic.

While having breakfast, Da Jung revealed to the family that she got offered to be on a divorce program. At first, she was reluctant but after seeing that her kids and her mother fully supported her she was left relieved.  

Ji-Hoon goes to JBC to prepare for his interview but is left troubled after his niece Seo-Yeon disappears. He was, however, left relieved after seeing that she was in Da-Jung’s care. 


Back at school, Woo Young sits beside Si-Aa in music class while being closely watched by Ji-Ho and Ja-Sung, who both have crushes on Si-Aa.

As Woo Young plays the guitar to showcase his talent, Si-Aa suddenly is reminded of her father playing the same song for her when she was younger.  

Back at JBC, Ji-hoon is put on the spot by Kwon Yoo Mi, after being asked about what he looks for in a woman. 

He later heads back to the lobby where he watches Da Jung and Yeon-Seon bonding. He also congratulates and encourages Da-Jung on her new program.

Meanwhile, Go Deok Jin makes another attempt of asking out Hae-in but is later rejected. Deok-Jin was later told the reason for rejection was because he was an anime fan. He was left feeling indifferent. 

Further on, Woo Young is reminded of the 13th Serim Festival as he attends the 31st festival. Seeing his daughter Si-A all dressed he realizes that she is very beautiful and all grown up. Meanwhile, Ji-Ho and Ja-Sung tries to avoid each other but keep running into each other. 

Later that day, Woo Young sends the pictures he had taken of Si and Shi-Woo to Da-Jung who responded with thanks.

While at the festival Woo Young is left saddened as the guest singer sings a song reminding him of 18 years ago when he and Da- Jung acknowledged their feelings.

He suddenly messages Da-Jung and asked to meet with her. However, as he went to confessed his feelings and reveal everything, he was met by Ji-Hoon professing his love for Da-Jung.

This episode ended with an epilogue of Si-Woo receiving a gift from one of his crushes. He then questions Woo Young about his first love to which Woo Young describes his mom, whom he adores. 

The storyline is definitely coming together nicely. Based on the preview Woo Young and Da Jung might have their first kiss and I cannot wait for it even though it may be a bit awkward, being aware of their age difference. 

Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for more at drama obsess.

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