18 Again Episode 11 Recap and Review

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18 Again Episode 11 Recap and Review
18 Again Episode 11 Recap and Review

18 Again Episode 11 Recap and Review

Ji-Hoon Profess His Love:

Episode  11 of 18 Again begins with Woo-Young witnessing Ji-Hoon confessing his feelings to Da-Jung, letting her know that she’s totally his type. As Woo-Young sees this, he is suddenly left feeling discouraged and later walked away. 

Ji-Hoon later asks Da-Jung out to dinner but she told him she was waiting to meet someone. After waiting for a while, Da-Jung later called Woo-Young to see if he was alright and if he was still coming to meet her, but she was later disappointed after being told no. She suddenly regrets agreeing to meet him. 

 Goo Ja Sung Confess His Feelings to Si-Ah:

This episode is all about the men professing their love, like Ji-Joon, Ja-Sung also confessed his feelings to Si-Ah. Before the night of the 31st Serim Festival, Ja-Sung had sought Woo-Jung’s advice on ways he could win Si-Ah’s heart. 

Woo-Young, of course, was not pleased with the idea. After he recalled Si-Ah expressing her hate for men that sings and profess their love in crowds, he decides to mess up Ja-Sung’s plan. 

At the night of the Festival, Si-Ah was put on the spot after hearing that Ja-Sung liked her dearly, so by trying not to embarrass him in front of everyone, she accepted his confession. However, while no was present, she brought him aside and explained that she did not feel the same and that he should refrain from doing things like that again. Seo Ji Ho, looking on from afar was left pleased.

Unaware that Si-Ah had turned down Ja-Hung, Woo-Young was left paranoid after hearing the boys make fun of Ja-Hung and Si-Ah. With Dad Mode on, he followed her to the baseball stadium, only to be met by Seo Ji-Ho.

While at the stadium the three ran into Ji-Hoon and Da-Jung.

Contention at Dinner:

After being invited to dinner by Ji-Hoon, Da-Jung at first refused but was later encouraged by Si-Ah to attend. Si-Ah’s fascination with Ji-hoo of course, leaves Woo-Young and Seo Ji-Hoon annoyed. At the dinner, the boys tried to have Si-Ah and Da-jung sit as far away as possible from Ji-Hoon. 

After stepping outside for a bit, Ji-Hoon was later met by an exasperated Woo Young who tried to claim Da-Jung. Ji-hoon however did not stand for it and expressed to Woo-Young that his fantasy as a young boy will eventually die, so he should leave grown folks business alone. 

Woo Young/ Dae Young scoffed at the idea as he knew the truth behind everything. After returning inside the restaurant, Ji-Hoon and Da-jung were left shocked after being told that Woo-Young paid for the meal. This of course caused Ji-Hoon to shake his head in disbelief.


Go Deok Jin Confesses His Love Once Again:

In last week’s episode, Deok-Jin has professed his feelings for Hae-In was turned down by her. Her reason for turning him down was because he was an anime fan. Still affected by the rejection, he decided to dress up in his best costume and attended a costume party. To his surprise, he ran into Hae-In who was disguised as snow white. After recognizing each other, Hae-In begged him not to reveal her secret to anyone. He however believed that she was cool and had nothing to be ashamed of. Later on, he tried to ask her out, again.

Da-Jung ‘Couple’s in Crises’ TV Show:

Da-Jung’s TV show about divorce couples finally aired but it was done LIVE. As all the producers had noted LIVE shows tend to be difficult as they aren’t able to have full control over production. Curious about the success of the show, everyone tuned in. Nervous that something might go wrong they all watched anxiously. 

The first couple that came caused a huge ruckus leaving everyone shocked and dumbfounded. However, being the expert she is, Da-jung held her composure and took charge by trying to relate to the couples. 

She was however asked a difficult question which forced her to give her opinion on whether or not she believed the couple should get a divorce. 

After stating no, she was then pushed to the edge as someone asked if she regrets getting a divorce. After carefully thinking about her response, she once again spoke from a sensitive place and stated that she regrets getting divorced. Everyone was left appalled by her answer.

The Long-Awaited Kiss:

After the show, she was left in an emotional state after realizing that the struggles Dae-Young faced while they were married and how much he too had sacrificed.

Knowing she would be feeling down, Woo-Young went to her secret hideout, only to find her drunk. As he touched her face, she suddenly called him Woo-Dae Young, which shocked him. 

To console and comfort her, he leaned in and kissed her on his lips. 

The preview for the next episode looks promising however, I hope Da Jung finds out soon that Woo Young is Dae Young. I hope the writers do not drag out the reveal for too long. For some, the age difference between the two may appear strange seeing that she is way older. Hopefully, no one will find out.

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