18 Again Episode 12 Recap

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18 Again Episode 12 Recap
18 Again Episode 12 Recap

18 Again Episode 12 Recap

Da-Jung Forgets the Kiss and Things Get better at Work for Da-Jung:

This episode begins with Da-Jung waking up from a dream, which she had of Woo-Young leaning in to kiss her. But in fact, this was not a dream but it actually happened the night before. Hungover she tried to make sense of everything but was left even more confused.

 As she goes throughout her day she’s constantly reminded of the dream she had. Running in Woo-Young at the bus stop, he offered her a box of chocolate milk, knowing it normally works for her hangover. As he drinks his, she finds herself looking closely at his lips and is later left feeling unusual.


Meanwhile at JBC things are starting to go well as Da-Jung is congratulated by her team members and also her superiors. Her success of the Couple’s in Crises show inspired many people including her team leader Woong Ki, who hilariously decided to share his story of getting divorced too. Surprisingly, he did not get the attention he expected as no one really cared(LOL). 

 The only person that doesn’t congratulate her is Kwon Yoo Mi who appears jealous and stuck in her selfish ways.  

Bo-Bae Thinks Woo-Jung Likes Si-Ah:

Si-Ah’s friend Bo-Bae decides to confess her feelings to Woo-Young. Since the start, she had noticed that Woo-Young was always looking out for her and that propelled her to make the decision and confessed. Woo-Young who’s actually Hong Dae-Young (as we know), turns her down gently, by letting her know there is someone else. As he heads out of the classroom to attend his next class, he forgets his cellphone. Realizing this, Bo-Bae picks it up only to see there is a picture of Si-Ah and Shi-Woo saved as his screen saver. 

She’s then immediately forced to assume that the girl Woo-Young likes is Si-Ah.

Throughout the day, everything started to come back to her and that’s when she tries to connect the dots. Later on, she decides to tell Si-Ah of what she has found out. Meanwhile, Heo-Seo is left annoyed, as Woo-Young constantly pops up whenever he tries to take care of Si-Ah.

Woo-Young Treats Da-Jung to Dinner:

In their marriage, Dae-Young and Da-Jung would always make plans to visit fancy places and enjoy themselves. In this episode, Woo-Young is reminded of an exquisite restaurant that Da-Jung always made mention of. 

In an attempt to celebrate the starting of a successful show, he sets up a plan with Deok-Jin to invite Da-Jung out for dinner but Deok-Jin would later cancel. 

As Da-Jung meets Woo-Young at the skyscraper restaurant she suddenly feels inappropriate but later decides to stay and eat, as the meal was already paid for.

As the two sit down to eat, she is left in awe by the magnificent view and the delicious meal. Meanwhile, Woo-Young gets emotional, as he stares at her he is reminded of how much he had neglected treating her special when they were together. 


 Ha-Joon Tells Da-Jung of Woo-Young’s Feelings:

After the dinner, the rain came pouring down, and the two are forced to share the same umbrella after Woo-Young intentionally left his back at the restaurant. 

On their walk home, he gets rained on after trying to ensure Da-Jung was properly covered. 

After getting a change of clothes, he decides to head home but went downstairs to see Ha-Joon handing Da-Jung a bouquet of flowers. 

He immediately gets annoyed and tells Da-Jung to hurry and get back inside since it’s late. Ha-Joon later invites him to the party his ‘dad’ is throwing but he hastily turns him down and walks away. Realizing his attitude was a bit rash, Ha-Joon tells Da-Jung that he’s being like that because he likes her. Da-Jung is however shocked and dumbfounded at the idea. 

In the morning, she ran into Woo-Young but is abrasive after remembering what Ha-Joon said.

Go Deok- Jin Throws Massive Party And Things Get Messy:

Deok-Jin throws a party to introduce his newly released game which Ha-Joon will be apart of. He had also invited Hae-In to confess to her.  

At the party, Woo-Young soon runs into Si-Ah and Bo-Bae. Si-Ah later pulls him aside and questioned him if he likes her. Woo-Young however reassured her that he only likes her as a friend to which she was pleased. As Da-Jung watched from afar, she realized that she was mistaken all along and that the person Woo-Young liked was her daughter Si-Ah. 

Meanwhile, Da-Jung tries to avoid Woo-Young by running away but slips into the pool. Realizing what happened both Ha-Joon and Woo-Young jumped in to get her. 

In the epilogue, Doek-Jin gathers everyone and later attempted to confess his feelings to Hae-In but his plan was halted when Ae-Rin pops up in front of him and not Hae-In. After seeing this, Hae-In furiously walks away. He, however, caught up with her, and everything was clarified, and with that, she accepted him and the remarkable gift he offered.

While this took place, Da-Jung and Woo-Young were on the roof having a good little chat, only for Woo-Jung to lean in and kiss Da-Jung but was greeted with a slap across the face. While this took place, Hae-In, Ae-Rin and Doek-Jin just happened to witness everything. 

I liked that this episode was entertaining however I know believe it is time for the writers to make Da-Jung aware of the truth. Overall, I enjoyed the episode, I cant wait to see what will unfold in the coming week. 

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