18 Again Episode 13 Recap and Review

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18 Again Episode 12 Recap
18 Again Episode 12 Recap

18 Again Episode 13 Recap and Review. Welcome back to another recap. Beware of spoilers.

What Happened After The Slap

Episode 13 starts off with what transpired after Da-Jung slaps Woo-Young for kissing her. Being unaware of the truth, in Da-Jung’s eyes, Woo-Young is just a high school student, which explains why she felt inappropriate. After the kiss, Da-Jung was left in disbelief and also angry at herself for not drawing the line earlier. 

To escape Woo-Young, she suddenly flees the party. Woo-Young trying to explain and reveal the truth rushed after her but to outrun him, she rushed into Ji-Hoon’s car. 

Determined to clear up everything, Woo-Young nonetheless went after them, however, he was met by a determined Ji-Hoon who basically told him to stop bothering Da-Jung and to get lost. To make his point, he also admitted that he and Da-Jung were a couple, and to help the situation, Da-jung went along with it. At first, Woo-Jung could see that the two were bluffing but he was left angered after they walked away, hand in hand.

As he watches on, he is left feeling frustrated, unable to fully claim his place which is next to the woman he adores.

Deok-Jin And Hae-in Take A Step Back

The following morning, Da-Jung visited Woo-Young’s dad to report what happened at the party. However, Deok-Jin was left feeling frustrated, as Hae-In messaged him at that exact moment, saying that it was best they stop for now. After witnessing the student and parent kissing at the party, Hae-In felt the situation could become even more complicated if she should date Woo-Young’s father. 

 Realizing all the effort he had made came falling down, Deok-Jin hilariously screamed out in frustration that Woo-Young was not his son. Da-Jung watching on, believed he was just frustrated by Woo-Young. 

Da-Jung Loses Couples in Crises 

Back at JBC, Da-Jung is faced with another dilemma after she wrestles and confronts one of the producers for trying to take an inappropriate video of Kwon Yoo Mi. Shocked at the brawl, everyone gathered in disbelief at the producer’s action. Kwon Yoo Mi later felt regret at what Da-Jung did and believed it could affect their chance and career.

And this was what happened, Da-Jung was later replaced by a younger and more popular host. She left was angered that the situation was handled in an unprofessional manner and also that she was not informed beforehand.

Ji-Hoon Confesses

Ji-Hoon who noticed that Da-Jung was feeling down decided to take her for a walk at their spot. HE suddenly brings up the wish he had made the last time he was there and confessed to Da-Jung that he likes her and wants to see her happy. He immediately hands her a ring. 


After hearing this, Da-Jung smiled politely at him but after careful thought, she handed back the ring and noted that someone else had her heart and walked away.

Si-Ah Gets In Trouble +Si-Ah Misses Her Dad

On her way home, Da-Jung suddenly gets a call from Dae-Young, who watches her from afar. Noticing that she was upset, he admits that he was worried about her. She however shoots him down out of frustration and tells him he’s never there when she needs him. 

Immediately after, she gets a call that Si-Ah who had found herself in trouble. Arriving at the store, Da-Jung was met by Si-Ah being scolded by her manager for stealing cash. However, she reassured Si-Ahs boss that her daughter would never do that and that he should check the cameras before making such claims. 

When exiting the store, Si-Ah is left scolded by Da-Jung who was unaware that Si-Ah was working part-time.  Si-Ah realizing this responded that she no longer wanted to be a burden to her parents. She also revealed that she’ll not be going to college and wanted to become a make-up artist. Da-Jung of course was not happy with that. As Woo-Young watches on, he feels frustrated for not able to step in. 

The following day, Woo-Young hands Si-Ah the bank book he had saved for her all these years. In this, she saw how much her dad loved her as he had made a record of every stage of her life. Feeling emotional, she immediately calls him and tells him she missed him very much. 

Woo-Young Finally Confessed

After the emotional convo, with his daughter, Woo-Young is left wanting to reveal the truth more than ever.  He then calls Da-Jung and tells her he was near the house and wanted to meet up 

Waiting outside, Da-Jung calls Dae-Young to find out where he was but is suddenly approached by Woo-Young who continues to talk to her. Shocked that she was looking at Woo-Young but talking to Dae-Young, she stared at him with eyes wide open. It was then Woo-Young revealed that he was in fact her ex-husband Dae-Young. 

To be honest, I’m hoping this is not just another cliff hanger. As the reveal has been drawn out for too long. In the epilogue, we see where Da-Jung confessed that while Woo-Young kissed her she felt flustered as he reminded her of Dae-Young.