18 Again Episode 14 Recap and Review

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18 Again Episode 14 Recap and Review

18 Again Episode 14 Recap and Review

Da-Jung’s Reaction to Woo-Young’s Confession

As expected, Da-Jung thought Woo-Young’s Confession was a joke. The absurdity of someone in their 30 returning to the age of 18 is not something that happens every day. Hence she thought, Woo-Young was just playing mind games with her because of his crush on her. 

After hearing Woo-Young say he was her husband Dae-Young, Da-Jung immediately shuns the ridiculous statement and told Woo-Young he should give back the phone to the owner. To make her understand, he, however, explained when the reverse had happened and that he was gonna go after his dream of playing basketball but after realizing Si-ah and Si-Hoo were having a hard time, he decided to stick by their sides. To further prove his point, he even brought up the first time they had on the rooftop staircase. 

Da-Jung was however still not in belief and saw him as being a threat to her and the kids. She later walked away. She was however soon to see the truth being played out before her eyes. 

Meanwhile, Ji-Hoon visited Da-Jung’s house as his search for Dae-Young led him there. Why was he looking for Hong-Dae Young? Further on in this episode, it will be revealed that Dae-Young and Ji-Hoon share a past experience that may be related to his brother’s death.

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Ja-Dung May Lose Her Job

It is that time of the year for the producers and superiors at JBC to choose which intern will secure a spot. Right off the bat, Da-Jung is told that she did not make the list. Director Moon surprisingly was left upset at the decision as he has had a change of heart for Da-Jung over the past weeks after seeing that she is very talented despite her flaws. Team Leader Heo too, was not in agreement with the decision made.

Da-Jung after hearing such drastic news was discouraged as she had given it her all. The hardest thing for her to accept was that the decision was made not because of her talent but because she was an older divorced woman and also because she had stood up to the perverted producer.

Seo Ji-Ho Confesses and Si-Ah Accepts 

Ji-Ho’s confidence has increased over the past episodes and it has led him to admit to Si-Ah that he likes her. Si-Ah hearing this, at first, thought he was joking and so brushed off the idea of him liking her.  However after being rescued by Ji-Ho while in a brawl with kids from another high school, she later had a change of mind. 

Miss Yeo is Reminded of Dae-Young after Seeing Woo-Young

Before his transition, Dae-Young has always had a good relationship with his mother in law Miss Yeo. Though he is now acting as Woo-Young, he continues to act familiar and helps Miss Yeo with her groceries.

Miss Yeo, being reminded of her son-in-law, invites Woo-Young for dinner. It is then we see a flashback of the two having an emotional moment. 

After losing his mom, Dae-Young did not have that motherly love anymore. Miss Yeo realizing this, tells him to call her mom. This was very touching for him. Further on in the episode, he helps her with her bags and brings her to the bus station, and later bought her favorite snack, something Dae-Young would normally do. She was left smiling at the kind gesture and immediately thought of Dae-Young.

Ae-Rin Defends Dae-Jung

Ae-Rin attends her reunion party but is left angered by the harsh comments that were made about Da-Jung. Again Da-Jung was shunned because she was divorced and also because she was” knocked up in high school”, according to one of the mean ladies. This comment pushed Ae-Rin to the breaking telling them to fix their messy lives and worry less about Da-Jung. 

She immediately leaves the party and met up with Da-Jung for a drink. After the drink, Da-Jung brought up what Woo-Young said, Ae-rin who already knows the truth, tried to convince Da-Jung that he was in fact Dae-Young. Da-Jung however thought she was drunk and was not thinking straight.

Da-Jung Pushes Woo-Young Away

Woo-Young, who always seems to appear at the most convenient times, is no longer wanted around by Da-Jung. After bumping into Woo-Young while he waits for Si-Hoo to play basketball, Da-Jung immediately disapproves of the idea and tells Woo-Young to leave. Si-Hoo however was left upset by his mom, embarrassing his “friend” in such away. 

He later demanded why she was being like that but she could not find the courage to say why. Si-Hoo however expressed to her that Wo-Young was his only friend and before he met Woo-Young he was bullied at school. This was the first time Da-Jung was hearing this, which left her shocked. He later reassured her that things are much better as Woo-Young continues to look out for him.

At this moment, she suddenly wondered if Woo-Young was actually her ex-husband. 

Da-Jung’s Change of Heart

Since Woo-Young confessed to being Dae-Young, Da-Jung is constantly being reminded that the absurd idea may be true after all. Another factor that drove her to believe, was when she found out that the number one fan that had sent the shoes was Woo-Young. After being asked for an autograph, the sales lady praised her for being so determined and going after her dream. As the lady spoke and tells her of the number one fan, she realized that the only person that could have known so much about her was Dae-Young. She quickly requested a description of the man and was told he looked like a highschooler. 

After hearing this she was left astonished, which led to her immediately calling Woo-Young asking to meet up. As she walks to the roof, the memories flash through her mind where she is reminded of all the times Woo-Young was there for her and the kids. 

The two are now on the roof and as she walks towards him, she finds herself crying. At first, she was mad that he deceived her, she later questions why he didn’t go ahead and live his life since he got his wish. She later, however, finds herself telling him that she has missed him. Hearing this, all he could do was console her, he later pulled her in, told her that he missed her, and kissed her. 

This was one of the best episodes, the moment leading up to the reveal was beautiful. The question is though, will Dae-Young revert to his old self? The preview for episode 15 shows that the two will be going on a date, I can’t wait for it.

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