18 Again Episode 15 Recap and Review

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18 Again Episode 14 Recap and Review

18 Again Episode 15 Recap and Review

18 Again Episode 15 Recap and Review. Episode 15 of 18 Again picks up from last week where Da-Jung and Yoo-Young reunites. Da-Jung got the shock of her life in episode 14 when Woo-Young revealed that he was her ex-husband Dae-Young…. the whole situation was impossible, which caused her at first to deny want he told her.

Da-Jung and Dae-Young Miss Each Other 

After finally connecting the dots in the strange coincidences of Woo-Young, Da-jung quickly gave him a call and demanded to meet up. As the two get on the rooftop overlooking the city, Da-jung starts to cry and soon scolds Dae-Young for returning to her and not living the life he always dreams of. She later expressed how much she missed him, to which Woo-Young replied I missed you too’. Filled with burning emotion, he pulled her in and kissed her passionately. Woo-Young later apologized for not telling the truth earlier.

As the scene cuts, the two sat at the bus stop, and Da-jung explains that nothing is going on between her and Ji- Hoon… Woo-Young later apologized for putting her in a hard spot, where she had to lie. 

Da-Jung and Woo-Young Stays Out + Goes On a Date

After reuniting, Da-Jung and Woo-Young decided to spend the night out as they weren’t ready for the night to end. While they walk the city, Da-Jung is reminded of the old days together. 

The following day, Woo-Jung asks Da-Jung out a date to which she was elated. Before the date, the two made a plan to trick Deok-Jin and Ae-Rin, who at the time, didn’t know that Da-Jung knew the truth. Da-Jung went on to say that she wanted to date Woo-Young. Deok-Jin and Ae-Rin was layer left dumbfounded and disturbed until Da-Jung revealed it was all joke. 

Da-Jung and Woo-Young later went to a secluded garden where they enjoyed each other’s company. Later that day, the two also went out for dinner but soon Da-Jung started to feel uncomfortable as people started to stare at her…. to break the ice and not cause rumors she told them that Woo-Young was her son.  

Having to tell such a lie, she is brought back to reality and has to remind herself that Dae-Young appears like an 18-year-old boy, even though he is her husband. 

Ji- Ho Learns About Woo-Young’s Secret 

In episode 14, while going through some of his childhood videos, Ji-Ho had met up on one that featured Dae-Young when he was young…. which left him shocked at the strange familiarity. 

While at school, he and Si-Ah decided to publicize their relationship, as the two holds hands, Ji-Ho finds himself pulling away quickly, after being approached by Woo-Young.

With the burning desire to find out, later that day, he followed Woo-Young and decided to call Dae-Young’s phone. As he watched Woo-Young answered, it was then he knew that the two looking alike wasn’t mere coincidence. Woo-Young and Ji-Ho later sat down to talk about what had happened and what he will do going forward.

Ji-Ho worried about Si-Ah, queries when Dae-Young will return to his older self as his daughter needs him around.

Ji-Hoon Has A Hard Time + Shares Devastating Story

Ji-Hoon is left angry and frustrated after he decided to set up a meeting with his niece, Byul-Ha, and her birth mother.  Byul-Ha has been having a hard time since the passing of her dad and needs the care of her mother. However, she was left devastated after her mother scolded her and told her to move on and never call her again. 

As Ji-Hoon expresses to Da-Jung the sadness of the meeting he was left heartbroken.

Later on, he tells Da-Jung of the reasoning for searching for her husband.  On the night of his brother’s car accident, Dae-Young was the man that saved his niece, as we see the flashback, Dae-Young goes back to save his brother but is cut off when a trailer comes out nowhere and slams the car away causing his brother to die.   Since that day, he has always wanted to repay Dae-Young… However Dae-Young didn’t digit for the money but because he was reminded of Si-Ah, his daughter.

Ji-Hoon is left immensely grateful to Dae-Young and later tells Da-Jung that he’s giving up on her because he respects Dae-Young. The two later resided on being good friends. 

Si-Woo  Will Get Scouted+ Da-Jung Breaks Up With Woo-Young 

As Si Woo is told by his coach that he and Woo-Young will be scouted, he is left elated. To break the news to Dae-Young, he rings him but is left dissuaded as his father won’t be able to attend his match.  Watching on, Woo-Young is sad that he keeps on disappointing his children. 

Later on that day, Si-Woo breaks the news to Da-Jung and she too is happy but experiences a change of mood after learning that Woo-Young doesn’t plan to play basketball at University.  

Da-Jung later meets up with Woo-Young and pleaded with him to follow his dream but all he wants is to find a way back and forget about basketball, as his family is more important. In fear that he may again regret his decision, she breaks up with him.

Left in tears, Woo-Young begged to stay by her side, but as she is reminded of the struggles he went through for not following his dream, she sticks to her decision and walks away.

Woo-Young later goes to the basketball court and tried with all his might to recreate the point at which everything changed b but was left distressed when nothing happened.

In the epilogue, the scene cuts with young Da-Jung sitting at the bus stop with the babies and is left crying after realizing the hardship she and Dae-Young face. As she gets a call from her mother to come back home, she refuses and later met by Dae-Young who made all her tears go away. At this moment she is reminded that they were each other’s brightest star.

They say forbidden love hurt the most, which lead me to wonder if we will get a happy ending tomorrow. Will Dae-Young return to his old life? 

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