18 Again Episode 16 Recap and Review- the final episode

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18 Again Episode 16 Recap and Review- the final episode

18 Again Episode 16 Recap and Review- the final episode

18 Again Episode 16 Recap and Review- the final episode. We’ve finally reached the end of the series and as expected we did have a happy ending with our lead characters Da-Jung and Dae-Young. In episode 15, we got a fright when we thought Da-Jung’s character would be tarnished online, however, the complete opposite happened. See the highlights below.

Woo-Young Cries 

Episode 16 picks up from the ending of episode 15 when Yoo-Young went to the basketball court in desperation. As he shoots the ball each time he cries out hoping a change would occur. Realizing nothing is changing, he wails and fell the ground. 

There’s Hope For Dae-Young 

While the basketball game starts, Woo-Young decides to sit it out. As he meets Da-Jung outside, she scolds him for missing the games and begs him not to make the same mistake again. As she starts to cry, she lets him know he’ll never get this chance again.

Woo-Young however explains that being there for her and the kids mean more to him than winning a basketball game. As he speaks he is reminded of all the happy times he’s had with the kids… he cherishes the moments where he got to watch them grow.

As he recounts his most cherished moments, Da-Jung is left shocked when she saw his appearance suddenly changed to Hong Dae-Young. Happy to see Dae-Young back, he promised to never let her go and kissed her on the lips.

Dae-Young Surprises Si-Woo

As the game is going, Si-Woo is left worried as he finds his team losing. However, soon after he is left encouraged as he spots his father looking on and boosting him. This led to an immediate turnaround, causing the guys to win the game. After the games, he ran to his father and greeted him with a hug.

Further on, Si-Woo expresses to his dad that he misses his friend Woo-Young that has gone back to the U.S. Hearing this Dae-Young, asks Si- Woo if he can take Woo-Young’s place. Si-Woo replied with a bright smile on his face.

Dae-Young Surprises Si-Ah

After Si-Ah finds herself in an altercation with another high school student and she is left bothered after the girl’s dad commanded that Si-Ah apologizes. Si-Ah who knows she did nothing wrong refuses to apologize. 

Shortly after, her mood was changed as Dae-Young showed up and defended her. He later demanded that the man and his daughter apologized to Si-Ah. Elated to see Dae-Young after so long, Si-Ah starts to cry as she hugged her dad.

Da-Jung Gets Rehired After Video Goes Viral

As a video of Da-Jung goes viral, she suddenly finds herself getting calls to try out for jobs. Back at JBC, everyone wondered who leaked the video of her wrestling the perverted producer. 

Soon after, it was revealed that Kwon Yoo-Mi was the one that actually revealed the video. After meeting up with Da-Jung, she thanks her for what she did for her.

Meanwhile, Dae-Young offers to be Da-Jung’s manager as he realizes she needs help with the many offers she has been receiving. 

Dae-Young Asks Da-Jung To Marry Him

After getting back from a job offer, Da-Jung is met by Dae-Young outside nicely dressed up in a suit. As he stands and stares at her he is reminded of how beautiful she is.

Later on, he brought her to the basketball court where he had confessed his love many years ago. He later makes a deal with Da-Jung that if he scores she must promise to marry him. Da-Jung who is left shocked by his request never really got the chance to have a wedding and in the past episodes, he has noticed she was sad because of this.

Ji-Hoon invites Da-Jung and Dae-Young To his Game

Ji- Hoon sends a special invite to Da-Jung inviting her and her husband to his match. Before he plays, the announcer notes that he’s been in a slump lately… However, quickly after Ji-Hoon came out smiling as he wins his game.

Soon after, he bumps into Dae-Young, the two men reach out and shakes hands while Ji-Hoon smiles and says thanks. 

Deok-Jin and Hae-In Finally Get Together 

In the previous episodes, Hae-In had turned down Deok-Jin as she was uncomfortable dating her student’s father, despite many attempts made by Deok- Jin.

However, she had a change of heart after getting a visit by Woo-Young who told her that Deok-Jin isn’t actually his father and that he was just helping him out.

Deok-Jin unaware of Woo-Young’s visit to Hae-In, goes to the costume party dressed as Iron Man and again confessed to her. As he gases up in the air, everyone is left impressed as he approaches her and confesses his love. Hae-In later asks him why he did not tell her that he was not Woo-Young’s father. As Deok-Jin smiles awkwardly, he is greeted with a kiss from Hae-In. 

The Day of The Wedding +Two Years Later

It is the day of the wedding and everyone is present. As Da-Jung and Dae-Young walk down the aisle they are met with warm smiles from family and close friends. Being surrounded by people that have been there for them made them extremely satisfied. 

After taking photos, we cut to the next scene which fasts forwards to two years later. Da-Jung and Dae-Young are still married but like every married couple, they have bad days where they argue, however, they always make up after.  

As the series comes to end, we see scenes of Si-Ah and Si-Woo all grown up with their significant others.  

 We also see a younger Da-Jung and a younger Dae-Young admiring an older couple and later promises to never let go of each other’s hand as long as they live. 

What did I think of 18-Again? Do I Recommend It? 

Now that we’ve come to the end of 18 Again, I must say, one of the things this drama has taught me is that no family is perfect and that one should value their loved ones and not take them for granted.

 18 Again has shown this to us over a span of 16 episodes, the importance of family and friends in our lives. Dae-Young suffered throughout, being brought back to a life he thought he wanted and was later left feeling stuck and frustrated, unable to be with his family as he wanted. Having good friends he could rely on and a family that loved him brought him through.

The following quote pretty much summed up the lesson of this drama, “No matter how old you get, there is always something new to learn. If you think of it as regret, that’s the end of it. But when you think of it as a lesson learned, it brings a new beginning.” 

Furthermore, all the characters were amazing and portrayed their roles very well. However, Lee Do-Hyun is especially commended for taking on such a diverse and complex role. It was evident that he became more comfortable in his character as the drama proceeded. His acting was so good at times I actually believed that he really was an older man in a younger person’s body. LOL. Overall, 18 Again is a must-see.

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