365: Repeat the Year Episode 1 Fan Reaction

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365: Repeat the Year Episode 1 Fan Reaction
365: Repeat the Year Episode 1 Fan Reaction

365: Repeat the Year Episode 1 Fan Reaction

365: Repeat the Year Episode 1 Fan Reaction. This article will share with you comments of fans who have watched this episode. The comments will include fans’ first impression of episode 1 of 365: Repeat the year. 

Fan Comment Reactions

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“I really enjoyed REPEAT (Japanese orig.) so I’m intrigued by this remake.
And I have an abnormal crush on Lee Joon Hyuk, hehe…
He is an impressive actor and each role he takes it’s different….such an underrated actor.”


“Well, I like Lee Joon Hyuk so I pressed play… and love the first episode. So this is a Korean remake of a Japanese original? Ahh since you enjoyed it, perhaps I should hunt down the Japanese version and watch that too 🙂

spoiler but not really spoiler since it happens so bloody often **

all kdrama writers know is making the female lead walk in on her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend lol can we switch it up a lil? its been going on for 25 years”

“This drama is finally here. not bad for first episode. Although I grew impatient hoping the time travel will happen faster but I watch everything in order not lose information that might be useful when the travel happen. Familiar wife was the last time travel drama I watched and I always love the genre. And this seems more interesting because there are many unknown factors and it seems there will be cost they must pay for this opportunity. The revelation in the last part even make us anxious to watch more episodes.

“The delivery man was driving a car when the reset happen, so he caused an accident while unconscious and died, imagine if that was what happened hahahahaha (of course he probably was killed, but still that would be funny, no? just me that have i dark sense of humor, ok, sorry)”

This is just a few comments from episode 1 of 365: Repeat the year from fans who watched it on dramacool.com. I will be releasing a recap for every episode of this Korean Drama so make sure to stay tuned to Drama Obsess.

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