6 Best Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Kdrama| Free English Subs

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6 Best Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Kdrama Free English Subs
6 Best Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Kdrama Free English Subs
6 Best Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Kdrama| Free English Subs

6 Best Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Kdrama| Free English Subs. What sucks for us drama fans is when we really want to watch or download a drama but don’t know where to do so.   

While browsing through social media, this question is always being asked. “Where can I watch and download dramas?”

Some of the sites I’ll mention are not as popular but are great for watching and downloading dramas that are from different countries and that have English subs. 



Number one on our list is  Kissasian

Kissasian does not only have Korean dramas but  Chinese, Twainese, Indian, Indonesian, and even Japanese.  It also provides a vast list of cartoons and animes to watch.  It even has over 40 different genres for you to choose from.

The best thing about Kissasain is you do not have to pay a cent to watch and download these dramas. Keep in mind though that the site is loaded with ads.

Drama Nice

Have you ever waited forever on a drama to be uploaded with English subs?  Drama Nice offers the most recent along with the oldest Asain dramas and also movies for you to enjoy. 

Dramas and movies can also be viewed from different devices. 



Myasaintv is also very popular. It has dramas along with movies.

It is up to date with the most recent drama and there are a variety of dramas to choose from. Also, they tend to have loads of those older Asian dramas. It has dramas dating back to 2006, Korean, Japanese, Twainese, Chinese and others.  



Dramacool is one of the most used websites to watch and download Asian dramas. The existing web page design is smooth and simple which provides an excellent user experience. Also they are known for being up to date in releasing the newest episodes. 

Futhermore, It provides an A-Z index of dramas and movies that you can choose from. Also, it provides information on upcoming dramas. 

You can watch and download dramas with English subs for free.



Viki is quite popular among drama fans whether it be Korean, Chinese or Twainese. It does not only offer dramas, movies but also variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from many countries.

One of the most notable highlights of Viki is that it offers subtitles in many languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish etc. However, unlike the above streaming sites, some dramas have to be paid for to be streamed on Viki

The site, however, has an enormous amount of dramas from different countries with English subs to choose from.


Drama Go 

Drama Go is also one of the well known Asain sites. It also consists of various Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas for you to unwind to. The simple interface makes it easy to navigate and search whatever drama series and movies you may like. 

However, please note that this site tends to have advertisements.




Kocowa is also a great streaming site to watch the latest dramas with English subs from different countries with several genres for free.

Do you know of any more that can be added to the list?

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