8 K-Dramas Where The Female Lead Is The Male Lead’s Savior

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8 K-Dramas Where The Female Lead Is The Male Lead’s Savior
8 K-Dramas Where The Female Lead Is The Male Lead’s Savior

In the world of K-dramas, the damsel in distress is often being saved by the knight in

shining armor. However, there are some cases where the damsel is the one in shining


Where else can you find such wonder girls, with their ordinary lives and extraordinary

talents, emerging as lifelines for the men in distress?

From the sword-wielding Min Jae Yi to the psychiatric resident Oh Ri Jin to the

orphaned Ji Eun Tak, these wonder girls break the mold and show us that women can

be both strong and compassionate, both heroes and saviors.

So if you’re looking for a K-drama where the female lead takes charge and saves the

day, here are eight must-watch shows:

1. Our Blooming Youth: Our Blooming Youth is about a distressed Crown

Prince Lee Hwan who is under a mysterious curse. The only one who can

save him is Min Jae Yi, a woman who is on the run and framed for a

murder she has not committed. Jae Yi is an accomplished swordswoman

as well as a martial arts expert, and she takes it upon herself to stand up

for the prince.

2. Kill Me, Heal Me: Kill Me, Heal Me is about Cha Do Hyun who is the heir

apparent to a huge company, but has been struggling with his mental

health for years. He suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. Oh Ri Jin

is a psychiatric resident who runs into one of Do Hyun’s many

personalities, and she could well be the key to unlocking his past and

setting him free from the cage he finds himself locked in.

3. Goblin: Goblin is about Kim Shin who is a valiant general who has been

cursed with immortality. His only salvation is a woman who is destined to

be his bride and can help wield the sword stuck in his chest and set him

free. Ji Eun Tak is an orphaned girl who has a knack to see ghosts. She

can even call upon the Goblin, but things could spiral out of control for


4. Destined With You: Destined With You is about Jang Shin Yu who is a

ruthless lawyer who is tormented by a centuries-old curse. When he

meets Lee Hong Jo, a low-ranking civil servant, he realizes they are fated

to be together. Hong Jo holds the key to his freedom in the form of a

banned book that has been sealed for over 300 years.

5. My Roommate Is a Gumiho: My Roommate Is a Gumiho is about ShinWoo Yeo, a 999-year-old gumiho on earth who needs to fill his fox

bead with human energy before he turns 1,000 years old to shed his

gumiho skin and turn human. When 22-year-old university student Lee

Dam accidentally swallows Woo Yeo’s fox bead, she becomes the master

of his fate.

6. I Am Not a Robot: I Am Not a Robot is about Kim Min Kyu who is a

finance whiz who is allergic and hyper-sensitive to people. Jo Ji Ah is a

hustler who finds herself shopping for Min Kyu, whose insufferable

personality gets on her nerves. What she does not realize is that she is a

boon to him, since her presence does not trigger Min Kyu’s anti-social


7. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is about a

petite and cute-looking girl who can pack quite a punch. She has

superhuman strength and can take on people twice as well as thrice her

size. When she finds herself hired as a bodyguard to the charming and

goofy Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company, she soon realizes

that protecting him is indeed her full-time job.

8. Protect the Boss: Protect the Boss is about Eun Seol who is a bit of an

oddball and is struggling to get a job. When she finally gets a job at a

company, she realizes her boss Ji Hun is the man she had a

not-so-pleasant run-in with some time ago. Ji Hun is the immature

youngest son of a chaebol family and is regarded as a bit of a man-child,

but the truth of the matter is that he is suffering from acute agoraphobia.

When Eun Sol starts working with him, his rebellious nature gets on her

nerves but she is one of the few people who has the guts to stand up to


These dramas are all worth watching for their strong female leads, unique

storylines, and heartwarming romances.