According to Police Reports Seungri Was on DRUGS at Burning Sun

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Burning Sun scandal
Burning Sun scandal

TV Chosun has released an exclusive report revealing that Seungri was indeed on drugs at the Burning Sun club.  The club official who was present at the club, confirmed this to be true.

Yesterday TV Chosun also found out that Seungri was also secretly summoned by the police and questioned in regards to his possible drug usage.

The singer recently took a drug test and it was revealed th at the results came back negative; despite this police will be investigating the supposed witness to gather further information.


This may, however, be a bit difficult for the police department to investigate seeing that there was no time or location revealed.

Seungri throughout the investigation has held his grounds and has upheld his claim that he did not take any drugs. The police department is however adamant that he did.

The pop star has also denied all accusations of overseas gambling and prostitution, claiming the members of the chatroom were joking around.

Seungri will continue to be investigated in the ongoing controversy.

Stay tuned to be updated.