Amazon Korean Dramas To Watch 2019

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Best Korean Drama

Korean Drama (Kdramas) and Korean Movies are getting ever so popular. Every year they gain more popularity and more fans. As such, there is a lot of streaming services out there offering them on their platforms. The giants in streaming games like Netflix and Amazon are just a few of the many out there. Anyway today I will be introducing you guys to a few Korean Movies to watch on Amazon. Let’s kick off the list. 

Amazon Korean Movies To Watch 2019:

  1. Masquerade

If you love historical movies with politics and smarts being display then you will love this one. Also the Kdrama Clown Crown was base on this movie.

Political intrigue, betrayal, peril and forbidden romance play out in this lavish, critically acclaimed historical drama set in the royal palace of Korea’s ancient Joseon Dynasty, when a lowly peasant is forced to masquerade as the tyrannical king, who h as fallen ill. Korean Language film with English subtitles. Watch Here



2.  Slave Hunters

	Jang Hyuk slave hunter

  If like me you are a huge Jang Hyuk fan then you are going to love this one. Jang Hyuk plays the main lead  Dae-Gil as a slave hunter. The movie tackles a lot of social issues in the time f Joeson so its a historical drama as well. the plot goes Slaves fervently wishing to live like a human being’ VS ‘Slave hunters chasing them tirelessly’ A bloody battle between them begins to take place!!! Being a slave hunter, Dae-Gil is disregarded by people due to his low social status. While doing his job, Dae-Gil is offered by Lee Gyong-suk to get Song Tae-ha and is promised to be given a fair amount of money as a reward.  Watch Here.



kdrama iris

  This is one of Koreas Most critically acclaimed Tv shows is you have not yet watch then you should. The story ensemble cast split between characters of North Korean and South Korean descent. Because the series explores the tension and mentality behind the two sides of the conflict, both the North and South perspectives are shown at length. The plot focuses on the cast overcoming the manipulation they face at an international level and occasionally attempting to reconcile their differences to fight an evil greater than either side ever acknowledged, making way for scenarios in which their allegiances are stressed and put to the test. Watch Here.

Amazon Korean Dramas To Watch 2019 enjoy the list. Check out other reviews and recommendation.