Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Recap

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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Recap
Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Recap. This week episodes were thus far my favorite, the cast has really done a great job in making the story so loveable while at the same time unbearable. This recap contains spoilers, so I hope you all will read at your discretion.

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Kim Dan and Yeon Seo Happy

Finally, Yeon Seo and Kim Dan are genuinely happy. This happiness may not last for a long time knowing the situation the two are in, but it’s just lovely to see them smiling and playing and expressing their love freely. I must say Noisy Gong is actually very cute which makes Kim Dan’s heart flutter even more.

At first, Yeon Seo’s character was one that was sour and cold but we see her happily expressing her love for Dan.

And Dan sensing the warmth from Yeon Seo feels so much closer to her. It should, however, be noted that even though Yeon Seo is embracing her happiness she still has bits of doubt in her mind. She’s curious about the reason Kim Dan had left her side before and if he’ll do it again.

Kim Dan Opens Up To Yeon Seo About His Past

Kim Dan has not been able to share his hurtful past with anyone. Having a lot bottled inside we see where Yeon Seo comforted him which made feel the need to express his feelings.

By doing this, I believe he’ll be better able to overcome his past and forgive the person who hurt him the most. It won’t be easy, but as we’ve seen Kim Dan has grown so much as a person and it has made him stronger. It is this strength that will prepare him for what he’ll experience when he’ll eventually have to choose between Yeon Seo or getting punished.

Kang Woo Wants to Live

Kang Woo has admitted his true feelings to Archangel Hoo, which made him realize that Kang Woo may be Yeon Seo’s true rib.  As the two sit and have a drink, Archangel Hoo sympathized with Kang Woo as his experience is truly heartbreaking even for an angel.

In this scene, we also see the determination in Kang Woo’s eyes to win over Yeon Seo. In the past years, his life has been hell after losing Choi Seol Hee, every day was like a burden for him, ho wever, Yeon Seo has been able to fill that void which makes him determined to live.  This may or may not be good for him, seeing that Yeon Seo loves Kim Dan dearly.

Kim Dan In A Tough Situation

Dan has been advised by Archangel Hoo that his mission has been basically completed since there is a love that exists for Yeon Seo, which is Kang Woo. Kim Dan unable to accept this is stuck with a tough decision of whether to give up on his love and return to paradise or to choose his punishment.

In this episode, we see how much Archangel Hoo cares for Kim Dan, he’s basically the father figure Kim Dan didn’t have in his past life. In fear that Kim Dan will end up being punished Archangel Hoo begs him to give up on his love as it will be to his detriment.

Elena Brings Out Dark Side In Mi Na

To prepare for the audition, Mi Na has visited Elena for help in the previous episodes.  In bringing out her competitive side, Mi Na has been training hard, even in the cemetery at nights.

Her hate for Yeon Seo has grown tremendously and it has pushed her in a corner where she has to constantly question her self worth.  She has basically been Yeon Seo’s shadow all her life and with Yeon Seo winning the audition her hate grows even stronger.

The newfound Mi Na is good and all but I hope it doesn’t ruin her in the process.

Also, it’s clear that she’s yearning for Kang Woo’s acceptance, however, that may never happen since Kang Woo has his eyes set on Yeon Seo.

Mi Na’s Evil Sister Gets Her Hands Dirty Again

In an attempt to cover up all her bad deeds, Ru Na has again used her minion to kill the only strong evidence that would prove she was responsible for Yeon Seo going blind.

In the previous recaps, I had mentioned that she has a mental issue and it may be causing her to hurt people to get what she wants. It’s really sad that some people will go to every length just for money and power.

I’m hoping that as the series progress she will be punished and also get the help she needs.

Yeon Seo Finds Out Kim Dan Is An Angel

This was the most epic moment I’ve ever witnessed. Kim Dan has finally revealed himself and he did so in the right timing.

Just as how there is a strong amount of love in this drama, there is also a strong level of hate and wickedness that exist.  Ru Na has again tried to kill Yeon Seo by commanding her minion to kidnap her and push her off the top of a building in disguise of suicide, and again she has failed miserably.

Dan came just in time to save the love of his life and of course, Yeon Seo now knows his true identity.  Based on the preview, it seems that Kim Dan will wipe Yeon Seo’s memory; but it also shows she’ll still try to find out the truth.

Next week’s episode will be even better, I literally cannot wait.

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