Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22 Recap

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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22 Recap
Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22 Recap. This week’s episode of Angel’s Last Mission: Love showed us how well the plot is developing and secrets of more than one characters have been revealed which made this episode quite enjoyable. As always this recap has spoilers.

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Kang Woo Gives Ru Na a WarningAngel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22

Last week’s episode (19-20), ended with Ru Na instructing Joon Soon (Yeon Seo’s kidnapper) to get rid of Yeon Seo by pushing her off a building and disguising it as a suicide.

As we saw, Kim Dan came just in time in the form of an angel and save Yeon Seo from dying. Kang Woo who had witnessed this, went straight to Ru Na as she knew quite well that the text message he received was fabricated to make Yeon Seo’s incident appeared like a suicide.

Ru Na who at the time was celebrating, the predicted death in her mind, received news that her order was unsuccessful.  Kang Woo who was very angry at what had taken place visited Ru Nah and warned her to stay away from Yeon Seo. 

Further on in this episode, Kang Woo knowing that Ru Nah is guilty teased her by attempting to tell her sister Mi Na what had occurred, but what he actually told her was that her performance was excellent. So far we know that Director Choi isn’t the one responsible for the killing of the witness found in the river, Secretary Jo’s car accident and the attempt to push Yeon Seo off the building.  

 Yeon Seo’s Memory Wiped

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22


In this episode,  Archangel Hoo disguised himself as Ru Na, in an attempt to deceive the man who had tried to kill Yeon Seo. By doing this, he basically bought some time to prevent the killer from going after Yeon Seo anytime soon. 

Also, in this said scene we also saw Archangel Hoo condemning his Deity as being cruel and later begged for pity for both Yeon Seo and Kim Dan. 


Kim Dan Worried 


Kim Dan has been worried and overprotective of Yeon Seo ever since the incident. He has been glued to her side and has also hired a set of security as he doesn’t know when the kidnapper might be back.

When Kim Dan had seen the forged text message that was sent from Yeon Seo’s phone, his initial intention was to visit her wicked family and confront them but was stopped by Archangel Hoo. 

Archangel Hoo Tells Kim Dan of His Mistake

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22

Kim Dan and Archangel Hoo went back and forth arguing about the reason for wiping Yeon Seo’s memory.  Archangel Hoo made it perfectly clear that he was wrong for exposing himself in front of her. Kim Dan meanwhile was quite angry and declared that he will tell Yeon Seo the truth about his true being despite the Archangel’s warning. 

However, Kim Dan doesn’t seem to understand that if he reveals himself, things will become much worse for him and Noisy Gong as the deities will surely punish him. 

As I have said before, Archangel Hoo has been trying to protect Kim Dan ever since the start, he genuinely cares for him, but, Kim Dan is caught up in his love which has made him blind and impractical at times.


Additionally, it was made clear to Kim Dan that if Yeon Seo is to die he should never again object as it is her destiny. Dan refuses to accept such a thing.

Director Choi is Shocked At Ru Na’s Attempt to Murder Yeo Seo


Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 21-22

Director Choi was quite shaken up when she heard Ru Na discussing Yeon Seo’s incident on the phone. I really do not know why she is so shocked though, seeing that she’s just as wicked.

However, it appears Director Choi has always had suspicions that Ru Na was a bit different and in this episode, she was able to witness how disturbing her daughter really is.

Kim Dan Approaches Ru Na

After failing at his attempt to kill Yeon Seo, Joon Soo(Yeon Seo’s kidnapper) appeared in front of her to figure whether or not she remembers his face; not knowing that Yeon Seo’s memory was wiped we see where both he and Ru Na are left agonizing.

After overhearing Ru Na’s and Joon Soo’s conversation Kim Dan appears in front of Ru Na. In this scene, It appears that like Kim Dan was seeing right through Ru Na, he finally realized that she was a frightful soul inside a beautiful shell. 

She was left speechless, as she knew everything he said was accurate. 

Yeon Seo Becomes Suspicious 

Though Yeon Seo’s memory was wiped, she left with scars on her hands that make her wonder what Kim Dan is hiding. Hence she searched his room and found her hidden phone. In order to get some answers, she requested to visit Kang Woo and asked for the truth, however, Kang Woo only told her about her uncanny resemblance to his first love.

Yeon Seo who knows Kim Dan is lying to her about something, pressures him to tell the truth.  Also, we saw where she had retraced her step to find out what had really happened that day. Successfully, she regained her memory at the end of this episode and was left quite surprised.

In her surprised state, she asked Kim Dan the question “Are you an angel?” which left him in a conflicted state of not wanting to get punished and also not wanting to lose Yeon Seo’s trust. 

In the end, he told her the truth. 

This week’s episode was really enjoyable and we saw where Kim Dan may have found a way to stay on earth with Yeon Seo. 

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