Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap
Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap. This episode of Angel’s Last Mission: Love displays a lot of growth in terms of the plot’s development. Yeon Seo will attempt to come to terms with Kim Dan’s secret. Her growth as a character will show in how she deals with several difficulties surrounding her. As always this recap has spoilers so read at your discretion.

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Yeon Seo Tries to Find Out More About Kim Dan’s Mission

In episode 21-22 Yeon Seo had regained her memory of the incident that occurred, which nearly resulted in her death. She also remembered Kim Dan in the form of an angel saving her.

In this episode, Yeon Seo tried to make sense of all that had happened by searching for more answers. Kim Dan who felt reluctant to tell her the complete truth saw that he was hurting her by withholding the full truth.

Yeon Seo took the initiative and brought Kim Dan to the church in an attempt to find out more, and it was there she met up with Archangel Hoo.

This scene was quite enjoyable, Archangel Hoo actually understood why Kim Dan was so fond of Yeon Seo, despite her bossy and straightforward personality he saw that she was a warm-hearted individual.

To find out more about Kim Dan’s mission and angels overall, Yeon Seo laid out all the questions on the table, even though some of the answers about the deities was to her disagreement. 

Though she found out what Kim Dan’s mission was she was still oblivious to the rules and restrictions of an angel loving a human being.

Kim Dan so far has been confident about finding a way to stay by Yeon Seo’s side.

Director Choi Confronts Ru Na

Angel’s Last Mission: Love  Episode 23-24 Recap

Director  Choi has been in turmoil ever since she discovered that her daughter Ru Na has harmed quite a lot of people. With a disturbed mind, she confronted Ru Na and pleaded with her to stop.

Even though Director Choi is a corrupt person filled with greed, we do see in this episode where she was both scared and worried for her daughter. She even asked Ru-Na to put all the blame on her of everything she has ever done.   

Ru Na in her mind, however, believes it’s her responsibility take of her family members in time of need.

Yeon Seo Teams Up To Find Evidence Against Her Evil Family

Ms. Chung (Yeon’s Secretary) has been busy gathering evidence to support that Yeon Seo was harmed on several occasions, however with the killing of Ji Woong she was left with insufficient proof.

It was then she decided to reveal everything to Yeon Seo and Kim Dan. They all are now aware that they are being watched and have made the decision to be more vigilant.

In this episode, Yeon Seo visited Mr. Park in an attempt to convince him to be a witness. She also scolded him for not doing enough to save Mr. Jo, that was killed in the car accident. 

Mr. Park who has been manipulated and threatened on several occasions by the director feels like he owes Yeon Seo a lot. And that was why despite being in fear for his life he submitted a written statement along with other evidence to prove that the Director was indeed guilty.


Kim Dan Reveals To Yeon Seo that He is the Boy From Her Past

Shin Hye-Sun And InFinite's L

Since Yeon Seo found out about Kim Dan’s true nature, he further decided to reveal the next big secret he hid from her. Kim Dan admitted to YeonSeo that he is actually Seong Woo, her childhood friend. Yeon Seo who was a bit taken back cried both tears of sadness and joy. 

Though she regrets that she wasn’t there for him, she is happy that he has been by her side all along. Kim Dan who feels so much better after opening gave Yeon Seo a warm and heated kiss to soothe her. 


Kim Dan Seeks Advice from Kang Woo

Angel’s Last Mission: Love  Episode 23-24 Recap

Since Kim Dan learned that Kang Woo was once an angel and is now living as a human being he has been determined to find out the possibility of it happening to him, as it is a way to stay by Yeon Seo’s side. 

Kang Woo, however, warns him that it’s not as simple as he makes it out to be and even if the Deities allow him to become human again, he will never allow him to be by Yeon Seo.

It is also made clear that if Kim Dan becomes a human Yeon Seo will die as a punishment to him. 

Additionally, Kang Woo has tried to confess his feelings to Yeon Seon and again he was rejected. He believed that revealing who Kim Dan really was, Yeon Seo would be scared and run to him but she held her grounds and defended her love. 


Yeon Seo Commands Director Choi To leave Fantasia

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap

Yeon Seo with sufficient evidence decides to visit Director Choi’s house and command that she leaves Fantasia. 

Director Choi who was left surprised and embarrassed as Yeon Seo had confronted her in front  Mi Na her youngest daughter.

Left with no more possible moves she begins to worry for both her and her eldest daughter Ru Na. 


Kim Dan Pleads to the Deities To Make Him into A Human

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 23-24 Recap

Kim Dan who wants to stay by Yeon Seo’s side badly, begs the Deities to make him return to being a human so that he can love and protect Yeon Seo. Though this may be impossible, he begs as he is desperate. 

Meanwhile, Yeon Seo curious to find out more was brought to the knowledge that Kim Dan’s love for her will cause him to dissipate in the end.  Yeon Seo worried about what she was told runs to Kim Dan to be comforted in his arms.

The preview for the next episode looks very interesting, Yeon Seo after finding out that Kim Dan will dissipate makes memorable moments with him.  It appears she will even propose. 

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