Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap
Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap
Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of one of the best Korean dramas airing right now. For this episode, all I can say is Wow! I’m left in both tears and amazement. How can a drama be so good?  LOL. Sadly the last episode will air tomorrow. Congrats on a huge success Angel’s, storylines and acting like this makes Korean drama what it is. Brilliant. Anyways let’s get right into the recaps.

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Archangel Hoo Dissipates

The last episode ended with Kim Dan and Yeon Seo attempting to make a deal with the deities to sacrifice their life to save the other. Dan was willing to commit the great sin of killing Ru Nah if it meant that Yeon Seo will get a chance at life.

This episode picks up with him actually carrying out his mission to kill her. In the process, he is stopped by her minion, Joon Soo. After the two got into a fight, Archangel Hoo appears and stops Kim Dan from continuing with his plan.

Right at that moment, Kim Dan was about to be killed by Joon Soo. Archangel Hoo stepped in and struck Joon Soo which caused him to hit his head and later died.

This scene proved how much Hoo loved and cared for Dan, he tried to stop Kim Dan from committing a grave sin but later ended doing that same sin, which cost him his life.

Hoo had predicted this before he saved Kim Dan. Further on in the episode, you will learn that he had written his final report to the deities. In this report, he had not only confessed his sin but he begs the deities to give Dan and Yeon Seo a chance.

Before he dissipated he admitted to Kim Dan that from the moment they met he began to change as an angel. He also lets him know that he had grown to like him. Even though Hoo, knows that Kim Dan was wrong for falling for a human being, in the end, he wanted them to be together.

Hoo is one of my favorite characters in this drama, he’s not only funny but he is the father figure that Kim Dan never had. Hence, his dying made my heart broke. It was however beautiful and quite heroic the way he dissipated.

Kim Dan And Yeon Seo Argue Then Cry

Kim Dan who is left hurt and shocked by the sudden death of Archangel Hoo found Yeon Seo at the church ready to sacrifice her life for his. Dan who stabbed in his fight with Joon Soo bled and fainted in Yeon Seo’s arms and was later brought to the hospital.

The two were both pissed at each other for attempting to sacrifice themselves so that the other could live. Yeon Seo thought Kim Dan was selfish in his plans to kill Ru Na and leave her behind. Kim Dan too felt the same as she attempted to take her life for him.

In this scene, they cried and comforted the other as the experience they had brought them close to losing each other.

Kang Woo believes that Yeon Seo and Kim Dan are actually quite foolish and believes that they are running away because of fear in being alone.

Additionally, Kim Dan who is saddened by the death of Hoo visits the temple where he said his goodbye.

Mi Na Gives Ru Na to the Police

The Choi’ s family is left saddened at the fact that Ru Na has been arrested. Director Choi blames herself, as it is her greed and covetousness that caused her daughter to end up doing those dirty deeds.

Ru Nah, who appears mentally unstable is determined to get back and Dan and Yeon Seo hence you will see where she escapes from the police to finish what she had started.

Mi Na is even more saddened as she was the one who planned with the police to arrest Ru Na.

I must say Mi Na’ s character has shown a lot of growth over the past episodes. She’s no longer the naive girl, who hid behind Yeon Seo’s shadow. Her family’s crimes have allowed her to toughen up and make some hard decisions.

Later in this episode, she plays a great part in notifying Kim Dan of Ru Nah’s plan to hurt him.

Kim Dan Introduces Himself as  Yeon Seo’s Husband

Yeon Seo who is well aware that she has limited time with Dan wanted to spend every second with him, hence at first, she had planned to not perform at the biggest event she had practiced so hard for.

Kim Dan, however, persuaded her as he knows that ballet plays a major part in her life.

While getting ready to go on stage, Yeon Seo is greeted by one of the investors of Fantasia. Kim Dan who knows that he is pervert-minded steps in introduced himself as Yeon Seo’s husband. I am so in love with these two, they show self-less love and is simply amazing.

Yeon Seo later performs and her dance was quite beautiful which made touched the audience.

Yeon Seo Gives Her Life To Save Dan’s

After performing the first half of Giselle, Yeon Seo later met Kim Dan outside and he shared with her how great her performance was.

Shockingly she realized that Ru Nah was following Kim Dan with a knife in her hand. Yeon Seo who is hell-bent on protecting the man she loves decides to follow Ru Nah.

It wasn’t revealed later on, that she had encountered Ru Nah and was stabbed in the side. Ru Nah who wanted to kill Kim Dan achieved something greater by hurting the person he cherished the most. Yeon Seo who knew she was hurt still went ahead and finished her performance.

While dancing she spoke to the deities and let them know that she was giving her life to save Dan’s. In her eyes, Yeon Seo would rather die in the place of Dan as his life was taken away from a young age.  Dan, however, sees life meaningless without her.

At the start of the episode, Yeon Seo was holding a wounded Dan in her arms, now he’s the one holding a wounded Yeon Seo in his.

In the preview for the final episode,  which will be aired tomorrow, things appear to be lighter as the deities seem to have a change of heart.

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-30 Recap