Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap
Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap
Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap. We have come to an end with this worthwhile drama, the finale was as I expected. It basically gave a conclusion of all the characters’ stories. Kim Dan and Yeon Seo felt heartache even until the last point however thankfully that heartache eventually came to an end.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

The chemistry these two characters displayed on-screen was simply beautiful. If I didn’t know any better, I would believe they were actual lovers in real life. That’s how convincing and superb their acting was. I had a lot of tearful and heart-wrenching moments but also a lot of laughable moments.

I would recommend this drama to anyone that loves romantic comedies. The acting and storyline were very good, every episode was worthwhile. The characters grew as the story developed, even persons like Ru Na and her family, in the end, they seemed to have recognized their grave mistakes. Congrats to the cast and the makers of this drama. Exceptional job, well done.

Anyways let’s get into the recaps of this episode. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. To see the recap of episode 29-30, click here.

Kim Dan Disappears And Later Gives Yeon Seo
His Last Breath

At the start of this episode, Yeon Seo was rushed to the emergency room as a result of her getting stabbed by Ru Na. According to the doctors, she was in severe condition.

Kim Dan who had little time remaining did not get to say his final goodbye to his love. In this scene, he was with Kang Woo when he asked him to look over Yeon Seo before he disappeared. At this moment I thought that he had been dissipated however he was taken to the deities, where his judgment was read.

According to the deities, Kim Dan had completed his mission however he committed a sin when he fell for a human being. In considering the unselfish and sacrificial love they both shared, the deities brought him back to paradise. Also, they acknowledged the dance that Yeon Seo had done as a form of praise and the report she had written. They saw her determination and the great sacrifice she made.

Although Yeon Seo was unconscious, we saw where Dan came to her in her dreams in which he later told her that his final wish was to give his last breath so that she may live.

The Geum Family Begs For Forgiveness 

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

Young Ja and her husband Geum Ki Chun went to Yeon Seo’s hospital room and begged for forgiveness. At the start of the series, we the viewers had thought that Young Ja was the ultimate villain that was out to get Yeon Seo, however midway we saw that most of the evil doings were done by Ru Na.

At the hospital, Young Ja had a flashback with Dan, where he told her that she needs to repent for her sins in order to live. With this in mind, she and her husband wept and begged for  Yeon Seo’s forgiveness.

This drama goes beyond its cute-funny moments, it actually teaches us about the love of God. Despite how bad and despicable a person is, they can always attain salvation through thorough and sincere repentance.

In the end, Young Ja got 17 years imprisonment for violation of medical law, attempted an assault, obstruction of business and the list continues. Ki Chun got 6 years.

Ru Na Gets Life Imprisonment

Ru Na’ s character to the end showed little remorse for her doings. In her mind, she believed all of what she had done was justified, as it was done out of love for her family. I strongly believe that her mother contributed to her becoming such a vile person. 

By being greedy and covetous, Young Ja passed on her hate for Yeon Seo to her daughter. We clearly see that she loves her sister and that she wanted Mi Na to succeed however her idea of normality and love is skewed.


I actually thought that she would have gotten some form of treatment for her mental health.

In the end, although she seems to be regretful for ruining her sister’s career, Ru Nah still hates Yeon Seo.

Gil Hun Hye has done an exceptional job in playing the villain. However, I believe her character could have been fleshed out and developed some more.

Kang Woo Feels At Ease And Mi Na
Retires From Dancing

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

Kang Woo’s character has also grown greatly in this drama. He showed the pain of losing someone you love. The punishment he received as a result of loving Seol Hee made him into a cold-hearted person.

As the drama went on we saw where he acquired hope and wanted to live for himself while at the same time contribute to the legacy of his love. I, however, believe that there were some blind spots in the development of his story with Seol Hee. I wished the writers could have explained the reason behind Seol Hee being the splitting image of Yeon Seo.

Nonetheless, his obsession with Yeon Seo was explained and his every move that he made during the drama was understood.


Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

Mi Na ashamed by the actions of her family gave up on her dream as a ballerina. She, however, gained something more precious by becoming a ballerina teacher. After taking  Yeon Seo’s place as Giselle, she humbly retires from dancing. This may have been really hard for her, but she made that sacrifice so that she can have peace and live.

Since the start of the series, we had observed that Mi Na was a soft-hearted and naive person, but later she showed great strength and determination. This episode reveals that even though she has lost her family and her career as a ballerina, she is now content with her life.

Kim Dan and Yeon Seo Forever

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

In this final episode, Yeon Seo showcased what it meant to have hope. Her love for Dan lived on in her mind, even though he wasn’t physically there with her. In this episode when Yeon Seo was believed to be hallucinating she was advised to take medications to help with the distress she was facing. Yeon Seo, however, feared that if she took the medications, she would not be able to see Dan even in her hallucinations. That is true love, whether it was through madness or sanity all she thought of was Dan.  

Miss Chung, her butler has played a great role in taking care of Yeon Seo. She’s the mother figure Yeon Seo had and depended on. Her job was more than just a butler, she was a friend, a sister, a manager and a mother.

Furthermore, Dan who was saddened to see Yeon Seo cry for him every day did not give up. He watched over her as he had promised.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

believe that one of the reasons the deities made him return to a human was because they saw not only his pain but his obedience to them in the end. Though Archangel Hoo got dissipated his prayer to the deities also helped Kim Dan and Yeon Seo to live on in love.

I actually wanted to see more of Yeon Seo and Kim Dan living their best lives, but I guess I will just have to leave that to my imagination. Again, fantastic job to everyone that played a part in making Angel’s Last Mission: Love a success.

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap