APRIL’s Naeun Faces Kim Young Dae’s Mother In “Extraordinary You” Episode 15-16

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APRIL’s Naeun Faces Kim Young Dae’s Mother In “Extraordinary You” Episode 15-16

Being a lead character in Secret’s comic world comes with perks but also a lot of obstacles.

 Naeun who plays Yeo Joo Da, the leading female character of a manhwa (Korean comic) titled “Secret” faces hardship because she is liked by Oh Nam Joo (Kim Young Dae), one of the most popular guys at their school.

Being a scholarship student from a poor community, Yeo Joo Da (APRIL’s Naeun) has been chastised since the start of the series. Each episode she is oftentimes reminded that she is an outcast surrounded by the extremely rich and powerful. 


Being a lead in the comic world has drawn further attention to her. Being the girl that the most popular guy likes, she is often bullied by her peers.

In the previous episodes, she was met with Nam-Joo’s mother at his birthday party and instantly it was seen where she disapproved of her. Nam-Joo’s mother doesn’t believe that Yoo-Da is worthy of her son, since she is poor.

In our eyes Joo-da’s character is a respectable one, she works hard to support herself and her sick grandmother, she doesn’t ask for handouts. However, the comic world doesn’t see her in such light.


In yesterday’s episode, I was glad to see where she, in a sense, stood up to Nam-Joo’s mother. Being flooded with gifts from the rich doesn’t really shake her, hence the reason she returned the heels Nam-Joo had given her.

However, being the girl that Nam-Joo likes will continue to make her life miserable. His mom will continuously try to remove her from his life and she will do this by flaunting her power and money.
I, however, hope Yoo-Da doesn’t succumb to them and will remain the respectable and upstanding character we know.

The stills released for today’s episode shows that she will be approached by Nam-Joo’s mother again. Below, the look in Nam-Joo mother’s eyes suggest her dislike for Yoo-Da. Yoo-Da looks a bit scared.  

The writers of Secret have set a predetermined fate for her, but I am hoping that she will eventually become aware. 

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