Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Recap. As you might know by know the much anticipated Arthdal Chronicles is out. I have watched the first episode and  I am here to give you guys the recap with as little spoilers as possible.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Intro

So let’s get into it, I must say this show is fantastic and refreshing, it really is quite good. The show begins by giving us a brief history and introduction to the new world we the viewers are about to experience. The first episode was literally just an introduction. It establishes the plot of the show as well as all the main characters we need to pay attention to and their tribe, country, and land.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Plot

Let’s get into the plot of episode one. Episode 1 started off with a scene of main character Song JoongKi (EunSeom) as a baby sleeping in a tent with his mom who had a dream (Vision) stating that Eunseom (Song Joongki) will be a cursed upon the people of Arthdal. The show switches scene and starts to explain the history of the people and different of the tribes of the land. 


The son of Asaho and Neanderthal Lagaz

Member of the Wahan tribe in the l and of Iarc and, he is a stranger to Arthdal

He will be the most powerful enemy to Tagon

On the day he was born, a blue star appeared, which in Arthdal prophecy, means he can bring a catastrophic curse to the land. In order to save his life, Asaho, his mother fought her way to escape Arthdal. He endured a lot of hardship as he grew up. After losing his parents, he joined the Wahan tribe and was raised as a member. Due to his unique nature of birth, he has a unique appearance, personality, and extraordinary abilities.

In the meanwhile, Arthdal plans on attacking the Wahan tribe in order to conquer the lands of Iarc and soon, EunSeom is captured by Arthdal army.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 Verdict

I try my best to give you guys a spoiler-free verdict. Now I’m gonna give you my verdict on the show. Honestly, the show is great. It’s refreshing, its the first of its kind Korean Drama. The story is well written, the characters are great and the cinematography is amazing. It’s obvious that they had a huge budget. You will not be disappointed investing your time watching this drama.

You can watch Arthdal Chronicles on Here.

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