Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of Arthdal Chronicles, currently one of my favorite show in the world to watch.  The finale for season 2 was brilliant, it left us all in awe, the ending was simply astonishing and has left us wanting more. The characters did an amazing job of bringing the story across. Job well done!

As always this will contain spoilers, so keep that in mind as you read through the recap.

Tanya Captured

This episode started off with a Tanya being attacked by Moo-Gwang and a Neanthal stepping in to save her. This was Tanya’s first encounter with a Neanthal and she was quite surprised after noticing that Nun-Byeol eyes in the process of their rescue.

Tanya was later told to hurry and find Mubaek at the apothecary but was captured by Mihol’s servant (Yeobi).

 Mihol has now figured out Tagon’s plan to make Tanya the new High priest, and get rid of Asa Ron. With this information, Mihol made a proposal with Taelha and Tagon but secretly is still trying to betray them by teaming up with Asa Ron.

It was brought to our attention that the reason for  Mihol teaming up with both Tagon and Asa Ron is because ultimately he wishes to become Union Leader, which explains why he is so against Tagon being the leader. With Tagon gone he could achieve his goals.

Furthermore, the conversation that Nun-byeol and the Neanthdal had at the start of this episode showed us their reason for coming to Arthdal. According to the Neanthdal, there were only five of them remaining, and they wanted Nun-byeol to come with them with the intention of finding her a man so that they can rebuild their tribe(as she is the only remaining female of the Neanthals).

This scene proved to us that Neanthals are actually decent people, even though they are made out to be monsters by Sarams.

Eunseom Set His Plan in Motion

A hopeful Eunseom has set his plans in motion. He has bonded together with the guys working with him in the mines. He has also convinced them with his plan to get them out of the mines and to freedom. The plan entails not eating for days and pretending to be dead.

At some point, the people in charge will have to send someone down to investigate to see what’s happening. Once the person in charge comes down they will threaten his life and let him know that he has two choices, die or set them free on receiving plenty of jewels.

The plan was a success at least so far, they managed to get out of the underground mines pretending to be dead bodies being brought to be disposed of.

However, the next episode preview showed that there was a big fight between Eunseom’s group and the miner’s guards.
It also showed him being freed so that’s something to look forward to in the next episode.


Tanya Finds The Bell

This episode had a lot of revelations. It showed how everything is connected and the purpose of each character is starting to make sense.

For example, the ritual dance Tanya had learned in the first episode has turned out to be connected with finding Asa Sin bell. The totem that was passed down by Asa Sin (the great white wolf) was basically a map showing the general location of the bell and the dance pinpointing where exactly it was located.

The moment in which Tanya performed the sacred dance to find Asa Sin bell was a very crucial point for all viewers and also the people of Arthdal Union that were looking on. This pretty much solidified her position as the new high priest and the direct Descendant of Asa Sin. With this, Tanya now has one of the highest voices of authority in Arthdal Union. I can bet she will be a big help to Eunseom’s rise to the position of king of Arthdal.

Also, a key factor to take note of is that Asa Sin was able to see far into the future. She was basically able to plan out everything. She passed down the dance and the totem knowing one day the Wahan people would be brought to Arthdal. She was able to secure her descendants’ position in Arthdal due to her foresight.

Another thing to note, it was mentioned that Asa Sin was the one who anointed Aramun Haseulla to form the union. Now Eunseom is supposed to be the reincarnation of Aramun and Tanya is the direct descendant of Asa Sin. Tanya gave Eunseom his name (in other words gave him his purpose) and she also named his horse, which he said is to be the horse Aramun road in his days.

The Rise of Eunseom and Tanya

This episode was perfect in more than one ways, but mainly because it set the stage for Eunseom and Tanya to become powerful entities in the Arthdal Union. Tanya is now a high priest arguably the most powerful person in Arthdal.

While Eunseom is starting a revolution in his slave camp, and from the preview of next episode, he is set up as the leader of some sort of resistance or rebel army.

With this, the stage for Arthdal Union demise is set and a new kingdom to rise from the ashes, one that is more progressive and inclusive of all race and clan under the sun.

In conclusion, I must say I enjoyed this episode and I think you guys will as well.

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