Arthdal Chronicles Episode 13 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 13 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 13 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 13 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 13 Recap. After waiting for almost 2 months for the return of Arthdal Chronicles, I must say this episode was somewhat satisfying. Episode 13 mainly dealt with Tanya taking over her new title as Niruha and Eunseom escaping slavery and forming alliances.

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Tanya Strikes Deal With Tagon and Gets a Taste Of Power

At the start of this episode, Tanya officially assumes the religious leadership of Arthdal Union and is now recognized by the people as the direct descendant of Asa Sin. With this new position she has gained in Arthdal Union, she struck a deal with Tagon which helped him to get rid of his biggest rival, Asa Ron.

She also declared him Aramun Haesulla as apart of their deal and in return, she gained a foothold in Arthdal Union and was able to demand the freedom of her people.

Also in this episode, Tanya meets Mubaek for the second time. The first time she had met him was when he was capturing and killing the people of Wahan. Mubaek over the last episodes have become knowledgeable about the prophecy and that Tanya was the direct descendant of Asa Sin. Hence when he saw her in this episode, he knelt humbly while addressing her as the new Niruha. She however still remembered the chaos he had brought to her people.
In this scene, Mubaek was able able to get a glimpse of Saya, who was present in the room and for a moment he thought it was Eunseom.

Tanya who saw his puzzled face as he looked at Saya, grasped he knew something, hence later on Tanya summoned him and the two were able to share details of what they knew.

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Eunseom Escapes Slavery and Saves his Friend

Eunseom strategic plan to escape slavery from the last episode finally came true. Even though his plan to play as corpses, didn’t go through he and some of his men were able to fight off the slave guards and escape.
His friend Dal-Sae, who felt he had owed Eunseom a great deal decides to fight so that Eunseom and the other slaves could escape.


Being the kind-hearted person he was, Eunseom planned with the others to go back and saved Dal-sae.

Eunseom Risk His Life To Save Xabara and An Alliance is Formed

In the last episode, Eunseom had made a promise to Sateunik that he would visit his family if their plan was successful and inform them of his death. 

Upon visiting the Momo tribe he informed Sateunik’s wife of his passing. To repay their loyalty, the leader of the Momo tribe ( Xabara) welcomed Eunseom and his friend and offered them a hot meal, a place to sleep, and even compensated them. 

Little did Eunseom know that there was a conspiracy to kill the leader and her child and he happened to stumble into it.

To save them, Eunseom devised a plan so that the Xabara of the Momo Tribe and her newborn could escape freely. Being the pure-hearted person he was, he put his life at risk so that they could escape the men after them. While doing this, he was unaware of who the woman he was saving truly was. 

 As she watched Eunseom walked away from her to lead the killers away, she saw the scar on his back. It was at that moment she decided to make it her mission to be indebted to Eunseom for this lifetime and the next to come. 

 In order to repay her gratitude, she got her army together, change their flag to their scar on Eunseom’s back and pledge her loyalty to find Eunseom and save his life. In their custom, it was the norm to repay a debt of kindness. Indeed an act of kindness can go a long way.

The next episode will definitely be interesting. Stay tuned to drama obsess for more. 

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