Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap. So I just finished watching episode two of the amazing new Korean Drama Arthdal Chronicles. This episode is a lot slower paced than the last episode as it introduces us to Song joongki (Eunseom) and establishes his character persona and temperament. It also showcases the relationship between Tanya (Kim Ji-Won) and Eunseom.

So let me go into more details without giving to many spoilers. Ok, so the first half of episode 2 of Arthdal Chronicles gives a deeper look into Eunseom, his personality is easygoing and kind, however, he had some deep-rooted issues. Issues such as identity, losing his mother as well as being different from those around him. Despite considering himself apart of the Wahan Tribe some of the tribe members still see him as an outsider and someone weird and different which leads to his identity issues.

Eunseom relationship with Tanya is quite beautiful. It’s very clear that they love and care for each other. Their chemistry is also very great which makes their relationship digestible and not forced. This might not be surprising c onsidering they were co-stars on Descendant of the Sun.

Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Recap

Half or maybe three-quarters of episode two was spent introducing us viewers to Eunseom, Tanya and the Wahan tribe, as a result, the episode was obviously slower paced than episode 1. This I assume was deliberate since episode one didn’t have much of grown-up Eunseom, Tanya or the Wahan tribe so this episode was used to introduce us and get us to fall in love with the characters. Which made the second part of the episode so heavy and painful when the soldiers from Arth invaded lark and killed indiscriminately.

Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 Verdict

Despite this episode being slower and less action than episode one, it did its job well in introducing us to Eunseom, Tanya and the Wahan tribe. Its also sets up perfectly episode three. Overall it was a good episode, could have been a little better but still, it did its job well in continuing to build the world of Arthdal Chronicles.

You can watch Arthdal Chronicles on Here.

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