Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 What to expect.

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Arthdal Chronicles To Start Production On 2nd Season
Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles episode 2 What to expect. Eunsam (Song Jung Ki) and Tanya (Kim Ji Won), who grew up in the second TVN weekend drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ (Play Sung Yeon Kim / Young Won Kim / Won Kim) 

The background of the Arthdal Chronicles is a time when there was no concept of love or dream. Eunsam woke up when he had a nightmare that lost his mother every day, and Han people were marveled at it. 

A trial inside the village was held. Especially in the tribe, it was considered a dream that only the chosen people such as the clan mother and Tanya could dream, so the dream of Eunsam was to shake the foundations of the tribe. 

“It is true that I meet dreams, but it is not something that I can take away,” said Eunsam. “Dreams are that when I sleep at night and close my eyes, somebody appears without me or I go somewhere. I do not know. ” 

Another tribal people said, “Tanya was born on the appearance of blue sensation (supernova), and Eunsum was born at the same time.” “Is not it taken because she was born the same day?” “There are strange patterns on the back and blood colors are also strange.

I tried to steal Tanna’s things. “

At this time, the Dalgas (Shin Ju-hwan) said, “The horse that we hunted was stolen by Eunsam.” The tribe turned upside down. 

Thanya defended Eunsam and said, “Eunsum is not trying to take horses alone.” He exclaimed for a moment, for all of us, “but could not persuade the tribes. 

Eunsom said he tried to ride the horse. Now, the chief tribe chief (Jung Seok-yong) said, “Take a horse in front of us.” “Otherwise, we will be driven out of the tribe.” 

On the other hand, ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ is the fateful story of the heroes who write different legends in the ancient earth. 

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