Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3 Recap. Episode 3 of Arthdal Chronicles has been the most anticipated Korean drama episode of the week.  Please note this recap contains spoilers. So read at your discretion. 


“Arthdal Chronicles” tells the story of heroes who write their own legends in the mythical city of Arthdal. In the drama, Jang Dong Gun plays the role of Ta Gon, the first son of his tribe’s leader and a genius strategist and warrior.

Highlights of Episode 3 of Arthdal Chronicles:

The warriors found out about the Kanmoreau

At the start of episode 3, we see where the warriors of arthdal have come to realize that the horse Eunesom was riding is actually a Kanmoreau. The Kanmoreau is a legendary horse that carries the bloodline of the ever first horse. In episode 2, we witness when it controlled the minds of the other horses when the arthdal warriors were chasing Eunseom.  In episode 3, we also saw when Moobeak was trying to capture Eunseom , the Kanmoreau caused his horse to turn around and follow him.

The Kanmoreau has proven to be more than just a horse, he is Eunseom’s companion and guide. I feel like they are one when together. Indeed, he is his Helper.

Eunseom Found Out More About His Bloodline

In episode 3, Eunseom has entered Arthdal. He and Doti (the little girl he found when he returned to grounds of Wahan) came across some people of the Arthdal that saw his purple blood and lips and instantly knew he was an Igutu( they believed an Igutu was a monster’s child). Being afraid of an Igutu, a man in the fields tried to attack him, luckily he met Chae Eun (Go Bo Gyeol), who I deem as the good Samaritan. 

She helped Eunseom and explained to him that he was of mixed background (he had mixed blood between a Saram and Neanthal). To clear up the hoax that had been spread by the Asa Clan about Neanthals being monsters. Chae Eun believed Neanthals were a bit different but they were beautiful, even more beautiful than Sarams. Going forward, I believe an alliance will be formed among Eunseom and others to take down the leader of Arthdal, Chae Eun may be apart of that alliance. 

Also, Eunseom wanted to meet his people however as far as she knew he was the last of his kind. 

 Wahan Tribe Is Surprised at the Civilization of Arthdal

After being captured by the Arthdal warriors, the Wahan tribe entered the outskirts of Arthdal and saw what we would call an ancient day elevator. They were shocked while at the same time impressed at the level of development. They had a similar reaction as when they saw the Arthdal warriors with their sharp blades.  They are being brought to Arthdal to be sold as slaves. 

Sanung Niruha [Ta Gon’s Father] Proposes to the Taelha the Spy to Get back at Tagon

Sanung Niruha[Ta Gon’s Father] is obsessed with sabotaging his son’s life because of his fear that Tagon one day may cause big disarray. Taelha, the spy is the woman of Sanung and also of Tagon. By bringing information to both parties, she is able to set herself to achieve her ultimate goal which is to rule Arthdal for herself. While her motives are clear Ta-gon isn’t an easy force to deal with as he has what it takes to get everything for himself.  Tagon has the trust of the people, he is loved, this makes everything easier for him.

Tagon’s ultimate goal I believe is to be the people’s Aramun Haesulla. He wants to be considered as the mightiest and the highest among the people and over time he will achieve that by regarding himself as Aramun among the people.

The Wahan Tribe May be the Direct Descendants of the White Peak Mountain Asa clan

So far,  the Wahan tribe is the only tribe in Iark that speaks Korean, and they are the descendants of the Great White Wolf Grandma who came down the black cliff and crossed the Sea of tears which I believe may be the Great Asa Sin. 

In episode 3, we saw where the Arthdal warrior found the sacred pouch, which contained the byeoldaya totem Mubaek. Only the direct descendants of the White Peak Mountain Asa clan would have such possession. This means that the people from Asa clan in Arthdal (that are dressed in white) may not be direct descendants. 

Sanung Niruha[Ta Gon’s Father]Plans to Get Rid of Tagon and Asa Ron

In episode 3, we also witness where Tagon’s father tries to use the letter that Tagon sent at his advantage. His plan is to get Asa Ron to punish Tagon by either killing him or banishing him. By doing this the people will despise Asa Ron. I believe Tagon, however, sent that letter as it will be the first step of his big plan to become the Aramun Haesulla of the people.

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