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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 4- Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Most Buzz-Worthy 2019 K-Drama So far

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 4- Recap. Please note this recap contains spoilers. So read at your discretion. 

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Eunseom Determined to Rescue His people

While still amazed at the level of development in Arthdal, we also see Eunseom was heartbroken to witness the children being used as slaves, when he saw this he was even more determined to take down the Union Leader.

Chae Eun’s father (the doctor)Killed the Neanthals

During the meeting with all the counsel, we saw where Chae Eun’s Father was being ridden by guilt. In the flashback, it was revealed that he was the one who sent the poison to eliminate the existence of the Neanthal. 

In this scene, we also saw where the council trusts in Tagon because of the supposedly good things that he has done.  They have decided to stand by him.

Tagon and Taehal Confess their Love

Tagon and Taehal have a weird type of romance going on. They both care for each other but still, they have individual goals. Taehal’s father sent her to kill Tagon, but could she do it? No, she could not!

Her love for him prevented her from doing so. We also witness in this episode where Taela found out that Tagon used her carry out his deeds. 

Tagon also questions her trust.  He wonders if she really has his best interest at heart

Tanya Stands Up to Arthdal Warriors and The Great White Wolf Appears

This scene sends chills through my spine. I’m so fed up with the Arthdal warriors, they are merciless, they kill without good reason and enjoy it while doing so. 

Tanya stood by and couldn’t watch anymore, in this scene we saw another side of Tanya, she cursed the warriors and their mothers and children, while doing so the Great White Wolf appeared behind her. 

The picture she paints with her words of how Arthdal will come to an end is shocking, but it is what Arthdal deserves. There is no saving a place so steeped in greed.

With fear, they left her alone for now. When Tagon shows up, he asks how to lift the curse, to which she demands that the Great Mother be given a proper send off. After a few seconds consideration, Tagon agrees.

Before Mother Cheseol died she confessed and cleared up a lot of things for Tanya, such as her existence. 

This scene also signifies her ascending to the position of Mother of Wahan Tribe. She is also now the designated vessel for the Great White Wolf.

Sunung Tried to Strangle Tagon As A Child

In a flashback in episode 4, we saw where Tagon had a painful memory from his past. In this, he remembered Sunung, his father strangling him. 

Could Tagon possibly be an Igutu? I know he is different. But not sure how. When Tagon’s brother was talking to Sanung he mentioned that giving birth to Tagon was a mistake. So maybe Tagon is from a different woman.  Is he perhaps cursed as Eunseom?

Tagon Strikes Deal With Asa Ron

Tagon plan was to strike a deal with Asa Ron that would save them both, this deal, however, was apart of Tagon’s ultimate goal. By causing the people to believe that Tagon was chosen to perform the ritual he was on trial for, the people’s trust in him will increase, after all, they already praise him. 

What I have come to understand is that Tagon is very good at playing mind games, there is a reason for every single thing he does. He knows how susceptible people are and he uses this at his advantage. 

Eunseom Interrupts Tagon’s Plan

Tagon wasn’t prepared to handle any side factors in his planning and this really threw him off a bit. 

With determination to save his people, Eunseom kidnaps Sunung and in the process interrupted Tagon’s plan to capture and bring his father to trial.

Held up in a large tower, he holds the leader at knife-point, demanding that the people of Wahan be brought to him. I must say even though Eunseom’s plan wasn’t very sound, his determination was quite admirable though.

Questions I’m left with?

When will we see the child that Tagon had hidden?

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8 thoughts on “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 4- Recap”

  1. Thank you for breaking down what happened. I also believe that Eunseom’s plan was a bit rash. It showed his determination tho!

  2. Tagon’s men as so bloodthirsty that it makes me wonder about his character. I guess you could say that they are a product of their times, but there is a lot of unnecessary bloodshed, which will make it that much nicer when they die

  3. I’m still liking what i see so far though at time is do just treat it more as a fantasy drama than as a historical sort of drama, I just need them to give up on trying to CGI massive scenes. They have a massive budget but its obvious most of it went to clothes and actual props rather than the CGI.

  4. If they wanted to take inspiration from GOT, they should avoid to make the same mistake. There are too many characters to develop in a short time. They built a new world to understand. All feels rushed and I can’t take time to connect to the characters, to understand them, their motives, etc.

    Eun Seom reminds me Naruto : orphan, considered as a part of a monster, very powerful, very naive (kind of stupid :p) but with a big heart. Except he’s an adult that makes things a little bit weird.

    1. He is yet to be shown. But he is in the capital of Arthdal. I think he is gonna play a major part in Tagon’s plan in upcoming episodes

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