Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap. Hi there, again if you have been here before then you know this is another recap of Arthdal Chronicles. As always do expect spoilers, so please read at your discretion. 


Eunseom and Tagon Make A Deal

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Last episode of Arthdal Chronicles we see where Eunseom found out that Tagon was an Igutu (A child between a Saram and a Neanderthal). With the new found knowledge Eunseom set out to blackmail Tagon into to securing his people’s(Wahan Tribe) safety. Eunseom sends a message to Tagon by a meeting through Taelha and showing her the cloth with Tagons purple blood.

Worried Tagon and Taelha scrambled to make a plan to ensure that  Tagon secret is not divulged. The only way they found was to make a deal with Eunseom. Tagon and Eunseom meet up to discuss a potential deal that will benefit both sides. Tagon agrees to not hurt the Wahan people and treat them good, while Eunseom vow to keep is secret so long his people are safe.

Tanya One on One With Tagon

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Tagon feeling frustrated and worried that Eunseom now possesses the knowledge of his biggest secret and weakness, decided to visit the Wahan Tribe to find information on Eunseom. Tanya volunteered to go with Tagon but she had a plan to try and kill him (which failed obviously); but they had a conversation, which revealed that Tagon really struggles with his identity as an Igutu. This point was made by Taelha when she referenced that Tagon is usually calm and collected except when it comes to the issue of Igutu. Understandably though, he(Tagon) lives in a society where his kind is extremely hated.

Tagon asks Tanya if she knew what an Igutu was, he mentioned that they were purple blooded monsters born from a Saram and a Neanderthal. Tanya realizing that Eunseom is an Igutu wavered a little bit before trying to kill Tagon. She was thrown to the grown by Tagon, she then replied and called Tagon and the arthdal people cowards, who would persecute and kill others just because they are different.

Eunseom Finds A Strategy

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Even though at first Eunseom was a bit surprised by the advances in the new world, we saw where he adapted quite well in learning about the people of Arthdal.

Since he has been in Arthdal, Eunseom has noticed the existence of great division among the people. With this observation, Eunseom came up with a strategy to approach Mihol, Tagon’s next enemy in line. If Tagon should ever fail at keeping his end of the deal, Eunseom will have a next approach to take or a next card to play. 


Tanya Has A Dream

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Since the last episode, we saw where Tanya and the people of the Wahan tribe were beginning to lose hope by the day.  In fear of being beheaded and unable to meet the Great White Wolf after death, the Wahan Tribe came up with the only solution to save themselves, which was to strangle each other to death.


It was when Tanya had met with Tagon they, however, got hope that they would not be killed.

Finally, Tanya got her first dream, and it happened at a time she needed the most. In the dream, a man greatly resembled Eunseom approached her and pointed her to the high tower. Believing that the dream was actually real Tanya, thought the man she saw was Eunseom. 


Mihol and Asa Ron Plan Fails

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Being aware of Tagon’s plan, Mihol and Asa Ron feared what would happen if it were to be successful. Mihol visited Dan-byeok (Tagon’ s brother) with this in mind and tried to get Tagon arrested for the Killing of Sunung. However, he failed to do as Taelha had already sent a letter to Dan-byeok which allowed him to question Mihol’s and Asa Ron’s trust.

So far we’ve have seen where Tanya has supported Tagon greatly, now even to the point to ruin her father’s plan.

In an attempt to get more information on Sunung’s killing, Mihol and Asa Ron took the Wahan tribe to the Fortress of Fire. 

The Baby Tagon Saved Is Revealed and The Phophecy is Confirmed

Arthdal  Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

The most exciting highlight of episode 6 was the reveal of the baby Tagon had rescued. Who would have thought that he would be Eunseom’s twin brother? Yes, I was a bit surprised. He had appeared in Tanya’s dream before whereby he had directed her to the tower. 

Based on the prophecy that was given about 3 decades ago, three heavenly objects appeared in the world together-   the bell, the sword, and the mirror.  It is declared by the prophecy that these 3 things will end the world, which means Tanya, Eunseom, and Saya will end the world.

Tanya is the bell- to echo throughout the earth

Eunseom is the sword- to slay the world

 Saya(Eunseom’s twin brother) is the mirror-  to illuminate the world.

I hope by ending the world they mean Eunseom, Tanya and Saya might work together to create a world where all the people from different tribes or different species can live with equal rights, by ending the dictatorship of Saram. 

The preview for next week’s episode looks really good. I can’t wait for it! 

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