Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

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What to expect Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7
What to expect Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap. Episode 7 of Arthdal Chronicles was quite interesting and of course, the plot twist as always was quite good. We saw a more detailed presentation of Saya, (Eunseom’s twin brother) and also Tagon taking the necessary steps to achieve his ultimate goal. The highlights are listed below and as always I must remind you that this recap contains spoilers. 

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Saya Calls Tagon Father

The first time we witness the initial encounter between Tagon and Saya was in this episode. This moment for us viewers was crucial as Saya is the hidden child Tagon had tried to shield for years; hence we were expecting a certain type of emotion from Tagon when Saya referred to him as ‘Father’. Seeing that we’ve grown accustomed to Tagon’s cold envious character, this moment would have been great to determine his true intentions towards Saya.

I was hoping Tagon would have been touched when Saya referred to him as Father, however, it seemed he was more caught up in protecting his secret from being exposed.


Tanya Outsmarts Tagon and Taealha

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

Tanya was taken by Tagon to his and Taealha’s hideout, whereby Taealha advocated for Tanya’s death because she discovered Saya was an Igutu. Tanya after hearing that she will die quickly came up with a plan to save herself. She recalls Eunseom dreams, and quickly realize that Eunseom was dreaming about Saya, his twin brother. She remembers Eunseom having a dream about a woman that Saya loved, she was killed by Taealha.

Using this knowledge Tanya convinced Taealha and Tagon that she was hearing from the gods and was privy to the knowledge she would not know unless God indeed told her.

The episode showcased how Tanya is starting to become a stronger character by using manipulation techniques.

Also, we can see from this episode that Tanya is no pushover. In the scene where Ah Sa Mot, Taealha’s friend/advisor was bossing Tanya around, she quickly defended herself, which showed Sa Mot that she wasn’t an ordinary Wahan Tribe girl.


Tagon Pressured to Find Eunseom( Decide to Present a dead Body as Eunseom)

From this episode, the people of Arthdal and the neighboring groups became aggravated by the fact that Sunung’s killer has not been apprehended but Danbyeok has remanded two of the most important persons in Arthdal.

As a result of this Tagon is being pressured by the people to release their higher heads and focus on capturing the dujeumsaeng they believed had committed the crime.

After failing to capture Eunseom, Tagon is planning to tell the people that the killer is actually dead and will present a body as evidence. 


Mubaek Saves Eunseom And Finds Out Something Special About Him

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

Ever since Mubeak had learned about Eunseom’s true nature he has been curious to find out more about him and his potential. In this episode when Tagon had sent his men to capture Eunseom, he got injured which allowed the warriors and also Mubaek to establish that he was an Igutu. However, it was Mubaek that had distorted the truth a bit and protected Eunseom.

As the story progressed, Eunseom in his injured state was secretly taken to Harim(the doctor) to be cured. The necklace that Chae Eun got from Doti, provided a lot of clarity as it regards to Eunseom’s birthmother and where his original lines are from. In shock of this discovery, they all stood in silence after finding that Eunseom’s necklace originally belonged to the Asa clan, which makes Eunseom a descendant of the White Mountain Tribe. 

In this scene, we also saw a flashback of Mubaek and Asa Hon(Eunseom’s mother) which showed that the two actually fancied each other. Additionally, he seems to be troubled because he is fully aware of how Asa Hon was used as a sacrifice by Sunung and Tagon to kill the Neanderthals.


I assume that because Mubaek has found out about Eunseom’s relation to Asa Hon, he will further see the need to protect him. 

In the previous recaps, I had mentioned that in order to take down Tagon or any other obstacle that may arise, Eunseom will eventually form his own allies in the land of Arthdal. These three persons are gonna be the ones to help him the most (Chae Eun, Harim, and Mubaek). I’m hoping.


Tagon Threatens Asa Ron 

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

In order to take the throne and be the leader of Arthdal Union, Tagon visited Asa Ron who had been confined to force him to comply with his plans. By revealing to Asa Ron that he killed his father, Tagon guilted and threatened him with this confession.

Tagon wants Asa Ron to continue serving the Gods of Arthdal while he becomes the Union Leader. You must know however that Tagon is not keeping Asa Ron alive because he likes him; he is doing so because, in the long run, he will need someone who the people respect to manipulate and control to get his own way.

Asa Ron had no say in the matter, as his life was on the line. Hence he advised Tagon to marry someone from the Asa clan, which would help with executing his plan.

Furthermore, as expected Taealha didn’t take this news well, so she came up with a plan to kill Asa Ron and make Danbyeok take the blame. This plan, however, failed miserably.


Saya the Mastermind Messes With Taealha’s Plan to Kill Asa Ron

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

In this episode, we learned that Taealha had killed Saya’s love Saenarae in the past because they had planned to run away. To get back at Taealha, Saya completely destroyed her plan which was to murder Asa Ron and get Danbyeok to take the blame.

To mess with Taehla’s head Saya actually intervened and caused things to happen the complete opposite, hence in this episode, you will witness that Danbyeok will end up in critical condition from drinking bichwisan (the odorless and colorless poison) while Asa Ron is still alive.

When Taealha had confronted Saya about his mischevious doing he laughed and somewhat gave the perfect response, “Yes, now we’re even. You also did the same thing to me”, the person I loved and wanted so much. Now my father will get married to that woman from the Asa Clan which also means you lost the person you wanted dearly.”

To be honest, when they introduced Saya at the start of this episode, I didn’t imagine that he would end becoming the game changer. The way he perfectly executed his plan is quite admirable. Also despite the fact that Tagon isn’t his biological father we also see where they share some similarities in manipulation and strategizing.

Congrats to Song Joong Ki for mastering this doppelganger role perfectly.

At the end of this episode, things are certainly left unclear as to how these three core characters(Eunseom, Tanya and Saya) will fit together in the great scheme of the prophecy to destroy the world.

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