Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of Arthdal Chronicles. As always these recaps will contain spoilers so keep that in mind while you read. In this episode of Arthdal Chronicles, we got to see further development of some characters. These characters will be the major players in episode 9.

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Taealha Confronts Saya

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

In Arthdal Chronicles episode 7, Taealha had planned to kill Asa Ron in order to marry Tagon, however, Saya being revengeful intervened and obstructed her plan. Taealha confronted Saya about this, to which he laughs and admitted that he did spoil her plans. 

He confesses that the reason was revenge as Taealha was responsible for killing the woman he loved. Saya’s character at this moment was very calculated and cunning. He resembles his adoptive father Tagon very much. As we saw, he was enjoying the fact that Taealha was upset and crying. Saya is also very manipulative, he was encouraging Taelha to now take revenge on her father for the things he had done to her.

This episode establishes that Saya is very smart, manipulative and possess a lot of knowledge about the inner workings of the Arthdal Union.

Tanya Shares Her Pain

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

In episode 7, Tanya opens up to her father Mihol about the discontent she faced as a young girl when he made her into a spy, which resulted in her bedding a man twice her age. Based on what she told her father she was resentful towards Sunung and that was why she assisted in his murder. 

Mihol who is well aware of what he did, told Tanya that Tagon would never marry her. However, she enlightened him that everything that has happened up to this point was crafted by her.

She plans to become Tagon’s wife at all means so that she can make him king and have control over Arthdal. 

She then demanded to take his position as Tribe leader.

Tagon Becomes Union Leader

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

Tagon successfully assumes the position of the Arthdal Union leader. A huge ceremony was held to commemorate his rise to the position.  To aid in his plan, Tagon had someone posed as Eunseom and killed him during his ceremony as a way to show that he avenged his father on the day he becomes the leader of the Union. 

Tagon figured since no one had seen the real face of Eunseom this plan would work, which it did. Now everyone including members of the Wahan Tribe believes he is dead.

Tagon First Move as Union Leader

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

One of Tagon’s first steps as Arthdal Union Leader was a major power move; one where he consolidated his power and limits Asa Ron power in the process. He decided to resurrect a way of governance that was once popular in the past, it was one where ministers were apart of the governance of the union.

Tagon’s plan was to have all the heads of the tribe become ministers and move to the capital to live. This news was received favorably by the various leaders when they were told. However, as we are all aware everything Tagon does there is an ulterior motive.

His motive in this instant was to invite the leaders to Arthdal so he could hold them hostage and be in complete control. Furthermore, because Tagon is conscious of the significance Asa Ron holds in Arthdal, he finds a way to limit his power. By limiting Asa Ron’s power the people will also limit their confidence in him.

Tanya Cries For Eunseom

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

Tanya’s bits of hope that she had remaining to meet Eunseom again was shattered. In the previous episode, we observed whereby Tagon had devised a plan to fake the capture of Sunung’s killer.

Though we are aware that Eunseom is not dead, Saya broke the news to Tanya that his tongue was cut out and he was boiled alive. Tanya at first was in disbelief at such a thought hence she tried to push it to the back of her mind. But once the realization hit her, it broke her heart that someone could do such a wicked thing to the person she loves.

Nonetheless, being the strong person that she is we saw where she mustered up the courage to acquire power in Arthdal as this is the only way she could get her revenge. 

Eunseom Captured As A Slave

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 Recap

While Eunseom was recovering from his wounds, Dal-Sae and Buksoe that had escaped from the Arthdal soldiers came to visit him. Eunseom, happy to see his people, was filled with joy. When he asked about Tanya, they informed him that they had not seen her for a while, but in his heart, Eunseom knew she was alive and well.

Being the loyal friend he is, Eunseom agreed to go with Dal-Sae and Buk-Soe to rescue the other members of the Wahan Tribe that were being sold as slaves to a faraway place.

In the process of trying to save his friends, one of them snitched(Mung-Tae) after seeing Eunseom and the others in the woods.  Apparently, Mungtae, was resentful towards the others because they left him behind when the dispute occurred at the Fortress of Fire. Hence, Mung Tae struck a deal with the soldiers, to get released.

Once the soldiers captured Eunseom they saw his purple blood which revealed he was an Igutu, after finding this out they beat him severely. 

Some people may assume that Eunseom is stupid for trying to save his friends in such a dire situation, however, we must acknowledge that it is apart of his being and nature to do good. 

In the preview for episode 9, it appears that Mubaek will save Eunseom.

As we wait for the next episodes, we shall see how Eunseom, Tanya, and Saya will come together to fulfill the prophecy.  

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