Arthdal Chronicles Kim Ok Bin

Arthdal Chronicles Kim Ok Bin Opens Up About What Drew Her To Her Character

Arthdal Chronicles Kim Ok Bin Opens Up About What Drew Her To Her Character. 

Kim Ok Bin shared how she felt about the Arthdal Chronicles script, “Everything about this drama is so interesting, from the existence of gods the tribes believe into the outfits, the weapons, languages, and way of thinking that people have.” She explained, “Seeing a script that brought an entire world and people that didn’t exist to life made my heart race. It’s a story that can’t be imagined or created easily. It’s a drama that is building everything up from scratch.”

She also revealed “Taeila goes through a lot of growth in this drama. She thinks she knows herself and can restrain herself, but she still loves and believes in people. She has always been the one who was sacrificed, and she feels her pain comes from a lack of power. She stings like a bee and is hot like fire. But she changes how she acts based on who she’s talking to, so that’s something I had to focus on.”  she continued, “Because there are many different tribes, it’s fun to find out who I’ll be filming with that day and what characters I’ll meet. There will be lots to see in the drama.”

Arthdal Chronicles is set to be released on the 9 of June 2019.

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