Behind your Touch Korean Drama Review

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I initially found Behind Your Touch to be a little cringe-worthy. But because I love this genre, I chose to persist with it, and I’m so glad I did. Behind Your Touch is a Korean series that combines comedy and fantasy in a captivating way. The series is full of funny moments, plot twists, and imaginative scenarios. It does not aim to be realistic but rather embraces its absurdity and creativity. The characters are well-developed and have great chemistry with each other. The series is witty and entertaining but also touches on some serious themes such as trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and fate.

The movement from one genre to another is really smooth, and even though it does eventually become more serious, the comedy remains a constant throughout. In order to be able to care for the victims of the serial killings while never being completely sure who to believe or who might be the murderer, the comedic initial episodes help us establish a connection with the characters and familiarise us with the scene.

This was undoubtedly a mystery that was masterfully constructed! I wasn’t sure who the killer was until the very last episodes. The experience of following this week after week was pretty enjoyable.


Those who will see this drama after it has been aired will be missing out on all the brainstorming and inspiration that have kept us going all this time!  This is undoubtedly the best Korean drama of 2023.  For those who find the idea of touching one’s butt to view memories creepy: calm down. She does it through their clothes and very lightly touches their butt cheeks, not going deeper as you may assume. Take a chance at it and judge for yourself!

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