Best Cdrama 2019 | Best Chinese Drama to watch 2019

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best c drama 2019
best c drama 2019

Best Cdrama 2019 for all the drama lovers out there. This is a list of both currently airing and upcoming Chinese drama recommendation. Chinese dramas are getting bigger every year in both production and appeal. Take Ever Night drama aired last year and finish in January. It was a great drama in every possible way and season two is in the works now.

To Kick off the list is Ever night. Despite being released in 2018 it finished up in 2019, plus its a great Chinese Drama so if you have not watched yet do give a chance. You will not be disappointed promise.

ever night
ever night


Ever Night  – The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty. When a family was unjustly massacred by a great general, a young boy named Ning Que escaped. He managed to survive in the wilds through his wits and committing murder. One day he dug out from a pile of corpses a little girl, Sang Sang. Since that day the two of them are inseparable. Ning joined the frontier military and eventually become part of the entourage of Princess Li Yu as she traveled back to the capital. He managed to discover the hidden school known as the Upper Story, which leads him and Sang Sang to many wondrous adventures.

Plot – When Sang Sang becomes ill with a mysterious illness, Ning Que takes her to a doctor, only to discover that Sang Sang is the reincarnation of Yong Ye, a mysterious and powerful being that is prophesied to bring about chaos. Many hostile forces are gathering around them, and people not who they appeared to be. Is Ning Que the son of the King of Underworld, or the savior of humanity against the Eternal Night? Ning Que would defy the powers of Heaven and Earth to protect his beloved…


The Story of Minglan – This is honestly one of my favorites Chines dramas. It has 73 episodes and I did not skip one episode or 1 second of any episodes. That was how good it was from start to finish. The characters where great especially Sheng Minglan played by ZHAO LI YING

. Like Ever Night its started late 2018 and finish in January 2019.

  Plot – The story is set in the Northern Song dynasty, the story revolves around Sheng Minglan, the unfavoured sixth daughter of an official. After being mistreated by her legal mother and bullied by her half-sisters, Minglan learns to hide her skills and true intentions and ultimately succeeds in avenging her biological mother’s death. She meets Gu Tingye, who initially dislikes her but after witnessing her wits and intelligence, decides to help her. They eventually fall in love with each other. After Gu Tingye becomes a powerful official, he successfully makes Minglan his wife. As his wife, Minglan helps guard against his unpleasant relatives and purges the court of corrupt ministers. The couple eventually earned their happily-ever-after, and Minglan rose to prominence as an influential figure of the Sheng family.


The Legend of Haolan – The story as similar straits to the Story of Minglan as in they have strong female leads. This is a historical drama so if you are like me and just love Chinese historically dramas you will love this one. This drama is set in the warring states period and involves a lot of conspiracy and intelligence. 

Plot – The series is set during the Warring States period, and chronicles the rise of Li Haolan to become the Empress Dowager. The scheming merchant Lu Buwei purchases Li Haolan and takes interest in the fate of this intelligent, unusual girl. Together, they form an unlikely partnership as they both begin to climb the ladders of power. Through Lu Buwei’s influence, Li Haolan enters Zhao’s imperial court and makes a match with Ying Yinren, the captive prince of Qin. As Qin and Zhao fall into war, the balance of power may find itself upended, with Li Haolan on top.