BTS Jimin Controversial Shirt

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BTS Jimin Controversial Shirt

BTS Jimin Controversial Shirt . BTS released photos taken before the Empire State Building model. By the way, some fans were surprised. The phrase written on Jimin‘s t-shirt is a problem.

Jimin posed in a black suit and wears a t-shirt with the Russian phrase ”Иди нахуй“. YTN Star confirmed with a Russian expert that this means ‘f*ck you‘ in English. Russian fans were surprised.

original post: theqoo

BTS Jimin Controversial Shirt

Fan Reactions:

1.[+431, -6] Later, Jimin found out about the meaning and he didn’t wear it!

2. [+405, -6] Atom bomb? Don’t drive it to another problem. The T-shirt company designed it does not mean an atomic bomb, it was designed to reveal the process of liberating Korea from Japanese colonial rule! It is the right wing of Japan that has caused problems, but what are you trying to do with your opinion? Although this Russian phrase is not cautious;


3. [+134, -8] Let’s pass. Don’t push it.

4. [+114, -18] Coordi, learn the language on the shirt before giving it to the members. Coordi, do you know what you’re doing will cause global disgrace?

5. [+31, -4] Why do you write with the end by giving the old problems? I want you to skip the article. (The article mentions the previous controversy of BTS at the end)

6. [+17, -1] Do not wear any type-marked clothing other than the official trademark. Arabic or Hebrew ancient texts can be printed, and it’s hard to tell whether they’re even letters or symbols.

7. [+20, -5] There is a lot to write, but this is not even a problem to write. Korean newspapers are like that.