BTS Mattel Dolls will Make Millions of Dollars

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BTS Mattel Dolls RM
BTS Mattel Dolls RM

BTS Mattel Dolls have been unveiled for the world to see and am sure that the BTS army just waiting in line to get their hands on them. 

These dolls will most certainly make millions guaranteed. Why? Well because BTS is easily one of the biggest names in music right now. Their new album “Map of The Soul: Person” did over 2 million copies in preorders, already making it the number one album for 2019. 

I am pretty sure these Little cute dolls will fly off the shelf like hot cakes. The BTS army will make sure of that.


Below you can see individual Pictures of Dolls of each BTS member:

BTS Mattel Doll  Jimin
BTS Mattel Dollss Jimin
BTS Mattel Dollss j-hope
 Jung Kook
BTS Mattel Dollss Jung Kook
BTS Mattel Dollss Suga
BTS Mattel Dolls RM
BTS Mattel Dollss Jin
BTS Mattel Dollss V

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