BTS x VT Cosmetics Perfume: More Details + Photos

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BTS x VT Cosmetics Perfume. VT Cosmetics in collaboration with the famous perfumer Frederic Burtin has always been actively promoting the new BTS perfume line.

Yesterday on Twitter, VT Cosmetics released several amazing photos of Suga, RM, J-Hope and Jin with the scent they each represent. 

Here are the photos with the other group members.

Jung-Kook represents “Eau de Ocean” or refreshing sea”.

“The perfect moment to have a refreshing sea”



Jimin represents “Eau de Poudre” or cloud of Montglone”.

“A moment of walking over a cloud of Montglone”


V represents “Eau de Mask” or fog in the Moonlight”.

“A moment of fog in the Moonlight”


The perfume products are set to launch on May 30, 2019.

To see the photos of the other member click here!

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BTS x VT Cosmetics Perfume


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