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Top 10 Fantasy Chinese Dramas

Best Chinese Drama 2019 to Binge Watch

Best Chinese Drama 2019 to Binge Watch. Here is a list of super entertaining Chinese Dramas to keep you occupied and entertained. This list consists of dramas that I have personally watch and enjoyed so you can be sure that these are good. The Story of Minglan This was one of the most entertaining Chinese …

The Legend of White Snake

The Legend of White Snake | 新白娘子传奇

The Legend of White Snakes Profile Chinese Name: 新白娘子传奇 Romanized title: Xin Bai Niang Zi Chuan Qi Also known as: Legend of Madame Broadcast Network: iQiyi Broadcast Period: 04-03-2019 to 05-10-2019 Country: China Genre: Historical – Romance – Wuxia – Martial Arts – Supernatural The Legend of White Snakes Plot Spirits have walked unnoticed through …

Eternal Love Review

Eternal Love Review 2019 | Drama Obsess

Alternative Names:  三生三世十里桃花, Three Lives Three Worlds Eternal Love Review Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama Type: Chinese Drama Episodes: 58 / each eps is 45 mins long Available on Netflix, VIKI, and Amazon Eternal Love Review here goes. Eternal Love was a long and heart-wrenching experience, but definitely, a great one to watch! I personally finished …