Cha Tae-hyun QUITS ‘Radio Star’ Talk Show| CHATROOM SCANDAL

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Due to the allegations of  Cha Tae-Hyun part taking in illegal gambling on golf, the MBC radio show has decided to air its final episode of the talk show radio star. Cha Tae Hyun is known to be one of the newest persons implicated by the leak of Jung Joon Young’s phone messages.

According to the show’s production team,  “We are going to air the episode as planned. But he will not be part of the show starting from the episode we are shooting today.”

Cha Tae-hyun who is a popular actor and TV personality and who is also a longtime member of the reality show “2 Days & 1 Night,” has been suspected and accused of illegally gambling while playing golf.

Though he denied the allegations made against him the actor has still decided to resign his career as an actor and TV personality altogether.

He recently released a letter of apology:


First of all I am so sorry. I did not play golf overseas as was reported but it was a friendly game between us in the country. The money was immediately returned. Although it was something we did for fun, when I saw my messages in the group chat, I felt very ashamed. As a beloved public figure, I consider my actions to be completely unacceptable.


I am incredibly sorry to my fans and those who loved 2 Days & 1 Night for disappointing them. I am sorry to the other cast members of the show who will be negatively affected by my actions. As of now I intend to step down from all my programs.

As a father, I am extremely sorry to my children and my family. I will take time to reflect on my own actions. I apologize.

– Cha Tae Hyun

His agency has not yet released an official statement regarding his departure.