Chinese Drama The Legends Review: Simply Amazing

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Chinese Drama The Legends Review
Chinese Drama The Legends Review

Chinese Drama The Legends Review. Where do I even get started? This drama is absolutely amazing! It’ll have to go into my top 3 for Chinese dramas. First of all, the plot. The plot is really well thought out. There are about no plot holes and the watcher is always entertained. There’s just the right mix of romance, fantasy, history, and everything else. Didn’t have to do a lot of skipping on this one, every second was important. They really did a good job making sure everything was getting covered.

And the characters. The characters! Every single person had their own lives, their own struggles. It really makes you think sometimes. Then, the most important thing.. The main couple! THEY’RE SO CUTE! I really hate that clichĂ© where the main lead is super abusive and stand offish. Good news for everyone, the main lead here is literally like a little flower. He cares about the main character so much and it’s really meaningful. They can make your heart melt into a puddle just by sharing a smile, it’s that good.

The main character is strong, strong, yes, strong! Like, actually physically strong! She saved the main lead for goodness sake. That’s another thing about this, they put a lot of emphasis on the female characters being strong, which is just like yessss! But she’s not perfect and there’s a lot of character development, which I love. They’re like the ultimate power couple. Teamwork makes the dream work! It’s not just one of them doing all the work and saving.


The Legends Plot is Amazing

The plot is rich and engrossing and the characters are amazing, (especially the main couple!) and the timing is great, what more do you need? This drama has so many scenes where I just sigh with joy and take a moment to pause and replay and really let it sink in. Absolutely adore it and 110/10 would recommend it. đź’—đź’–đź’• P.S. This review does not do it justice

You can watch The Legends Here: Viki.

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Chinese Drama The Legends Review.!!