Choi Jin Hyuk And Son Hyun Joo to Star in Upcoming KBS Revenge Drama

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Choi Jin Hyuk And Son Hyun Joo
Choi Jin Hyuk And Son Hyun Joo

Actors Choi Jin-hyuk and Son Hyun-Joo confirmed for an appearance in KBS new revenge Drama Titled “JUSTICE”. 

According to sources the synopsis is as follows:

“Justice” will tell the story of a lawyer named Lee Tae Kyung, who makes a deal with the devil to seek revenge, and Song Woo Yong, a man who has willingly become evil for his family. The drama is also a social thriller that will narrate on the ambitions of these two men and unveil the truth behind Korea’s VVIPs.

Choi Jin Hyuk will take on the role of the lawyer Lee Tae Kyung. With sharp logic and clever words and behavior, he holds one of the highest win rates in the field. In order to get revenge for his family, he joins forces with the devil-like man Song Woo Yong.

The original is a web novel of the same name by Jang Ho Lee, who was a fan of netizens in 2017. He has been active as a cultural writer for more than 10 years, including KBS ‘Trace 60 Minutes.’ He has been involved in drama, Joon Chan-mi, who wrote ‘School 2017’, and Cho Dae-Pyo of KBS drama special ‘Dream of Midnight Night’. 

Choi Jin-hyuk, who is active in any genre with strong acting ability, plays a demon-like male dragon for his revenge and Lee Tae-gyeong, a lawyer who took his hand. A person who boasts the highest winning rate in the industry with sharp logic and smart words and phrases. He has accumulated wealth and power in return for innocence, at least for probation, of high-level trash under President Song’s instructions. The desire to take revenge of his brother disappears and pursues even more desires while pursuing a series of disappearances of actresses.


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