Choi Jong Hoon Writes Letter of Apology Regarding Scandal

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Choi Jong Hoon went to Instagram today (March 14) and wrote a public apology for his actions and involvement in the ongoing controversy.

The 21-year-old is faced with allegations regarding drunk driving,  police bribery and also illegal filming and sharing of illicit videos with K pop celebrities Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

“Hello, this is Choi Jong Hoon.

I am writing this message to apologize to the Korean people who may have felt upset and outraged with me.

After reading the conversations in the chatroom I was involved in through the news reports, I was so distressed and ashamed to come across the forgotten past messages again.

The fact that I made these careless remarks and couldn’t remember them all this time made me reflect on what a false sense of ethics I’d been living with. In addition, as I read over comments of criticism and anger, I realize that I had fallen into a sense of entitlement, and I am deeply regretting it. I will repent greatly of my sins from my immoral life, and I will live while reflecting on this for the rest of my life.

First I must bow my head in apology to the victims who were hurt with lasting wounds. And I apologize to the numerous victims who have been harmed after being dragged into this incident despite having nothing to do with it.


I’m also ashamed of myself as I was in the position of being leader to the members of FTISLAND, but I acted disgracefully. And to the fans (PRIMADONNA) who have supported my activities until now, I’m also sorry that I failed to live up to the expectations you believed in, and that I have betrayed your trust in me. As of today, I will leave the team and retire from the entertainment industry. I will spend my entire life thoroughly reflecting on my past days when I acted carelessly without any feelings of remorse. I will also diligently participate in future investigations without any falsehoods, and I will accept the punishment I deserve. I am sorry”

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Yesterday March 13, a shocking statement was posted demanding Choi Jong Hoon’s withdrawal from the band.

In the statement, it was said that as leader Jong Hoon disgraced the FT ISLAND’s image and it was later demanded that he be removed from the group.

With this apology, there are many who hope Choi Jong Hoon will one day be forgiven for his actions.