Crash Landing on You episode 12 Recap and Fans Reaction

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Crash Landing on You episode 12 Recap
Crash Landing on You episode 12 Recap

Crash Landing on You episode 12 Recap and Fans Reaction

Crash Landing on You episode 12 Recap and Fans Reaction. Let me share with you guys some of what fans are saying about Crash Landing on You Episode 12. These reactions will have spoilers so read at your own peril. This episode was very funny but it also was very heavy. Now lets get to what fans where saying below:

 Hyun Bin confesses to Son Ye Jin Reaction

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I don’t want to go back. I just want to stay here with you. I want to marry you here and have a child who takes after you too. I like twins. I’ll play the piano again. I want to see you with gray hair and wrinkles. You growing old.- Captain RJH

And the best part was when Seri said “I’ll organize a piano concert for you. Given your talent , you can perform at the Seoul Arts Center. Hold on. Should I just buy the Seoul Arts Center?” I think I’ll be able to buy it. They’re not even being clingy. They’re just there sitting and drinking, no hugs and kisses and yet I found RJH love confession so romantic. What woman could resist such? ❤️


      My facial expression must have been so creepy while watching this scene!! Crying and smiling from ear to ear at the same time…


      Can’t they just marry and have twins in real life?😩🙈


Son Ye Jin Family Drama

Love the fierce Se-ri … this episode had me crying and laughing at the same time. The scene with the stepmom was a bit hard to watch, I just don’t get how she could sit in front of Se-ri and act all hurt because she doesn’t believe she cares about her, this same person who abandoned her as a child in the middle of nowhere — that she can even look her in the eye is beyond me and she calls herself a mother.

It’s so ironic that the people who are suppose to love her and protect her (her blood family) are trying to het rid of her and those that are suppose to be her enemies ( the North Koreans) are protecting her back in NK and SK.
  • So true, but something tells me that her greedy 2nd brother and his equally devious & dispicable wife will soon get their just rewards… Most probably with a little help from RJH and the rest of her comrade friends from the north. Would love to see those 2 horrible people end up spending the rest of their meaningless lives confined in disgusting NK prison… Maybe, RJH can get his dad to make that a reality in a later ep

Comrades from North Korea


This episode is just so heartwarming and funny. The comrades tried to look for Captain Ri but always missed their chance ahaha so close yet so far. When they finally met, my heart literally fluttered, it was so heartwarming!! Seri hugging all of them was so cute and heartwarming too!! 


Comment By: The reunion was really nice also… Just when they were already about to lose hope, it was Captain Ri who found them after all. LOL! They’re like a family already… awwww….

Second Leads Getting Closer together

The two second leads are getting closer. And it seems the male second lead is already in love with the femal second lead. He waits up for her calls, confess his crimes and life story to her. It also seems that in the next episode the the female second lead will start falling in love as well.

Overall Episode Conclusion

The writing, acting and directing in this drama is actually phenomenal. everything is so well balanced that there’s very few moments that pull you away. From the Ahjumaas, to the Memories of the Alhambra moment, the SECOND LEADS, Se-Ri’s breakdown, and then the Epilogue. Omomomo

The whole episode was another rollercoaster of emotions and tears and what’s more sad is we have to have a week the struggle 😭😭😭
Comment By: stormshines: This episode is complete package of different emotions!! Gaaaahd. I love the chemistry not only by the leads but also the whole cast!! Each character has their own color!!!

Can’t wait to see more scenes for the 2nd leads as their story is about to get interesting. Sadly, I can sense that the Main leads will be separated again any time soon 😭😭😭

Fast forward to next week pleaaaaaase. Juseyooo!

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