Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap

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Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap
Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap ready. This episode of Crash Landing on You was great because there was a major development in Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se Ri) returning back to South Korea. However, let’s not get our hopes up yet knowing kdrama they might pull some tricks to deny her going back home now. Which isn’t all bad since the story really is mainly being developed in North Korea. Anyway, let’s get into some major events that take place in episode 9 of Crash Landing On You.

Who Took Son Ye Jin?

The last episode ended with Son Ye Jin being taken. The episode ends with a cliff hanger which suggested that she might have died but of course, smart kdrama watchers know that was not the case. How could she when she is the main character? It turns out she was kidnapped by Hyun Bin (Ri Jung Hyuk) father at the behest of Hyun Bin’s fiance, who wants to get rid of Son Ye Jin so she can marry Hyun Bin in peace.

Hyun Bin in Detention 

Hyun Bin found himself in trouble after punching his superior officer (Oh Man Suk), which by the way totally deserves it. Hyun Bin was shaking up after finding out Son Ye Jin was taken and believed to be dead. Upon arriving home his house was being searched by Oh Man Suk. He was there for Ye Jin and started spewing nonsense and taunting Hyun Bin for which he got a huge fist to the face. This led to Hyun Bin being beaten and jailed.

Hyun Bin managed to set a plan in motion to get released after finding out Son Ye Jin was alive from his fiance visiting him in prison. He had his men spread the news that he was the son of Director of the General Political Bureau]. This was used as a bait to draw in some opportunistic men in power and it did. He was free from detention by this plan. 


He rushed home to his father’s home, knowing that his father was responsible for kidnapping his love.

Son Ye Jin Meets The Parents

Son Ye Jin meets Hyun Bin’s father and mother. She met his father first and mistook him for Hyun Bin’s fiance father. She left a good impression on Hyun Bin’s mother who could see that she loved her son very much. She gave her Hyun Bin room to sleep in for the night. 

After Hyun Bin rushed to his father he had a huge confrontation with his father, Son Ye Jin overheard everything and basically heard Hyun Bin confessing his love for her. They displayed their affection openly in front of Hyun Bin’s parents.

Son Ye Jin Back South Korea

Hyun Bin came up with a plan to have Son Ye Jin go back to South Korea and up until the last moments of this episode it seems to be going ok. She successfully stepped on South Korean soil at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), all she needs to do is just walk all to find South Korean officers to be processed and get back to her home.

She requested that Hyun Bin follow her, he explained that he can’t cross the line over into South Korea. However he could not just let her go without a proper goodbye or confession and so he step across the line and kiss her like it will be the last time.

So if everything goes right, Sun Ye Jin will be back in South Korea. Which means that Hyun Bin will have to go to South Korea some way in order for the story to progress.

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