Divorce Lawyer Believes Song Joong Ki was Sending Song Hye Kyo a Message with Divorce Announcement

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Song Hye Kyo Responds to Divorce
Song Hye Kyo Responds to Divorce From Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki was sending Song Hye Kyo a Message with divorce Announcements, a prominent divorce lawyer believes. The news about the couple’s divorce continues to dominate the headlines ever since it was made public. The divorce lawyer was interviewed on the issue where he gave his perspective on the matter. He believes the move by Song Joong Ki was a message to his wife.

“For famous celebrities who are going through a divorce, they usually ask the press to keep it a secret until they reach an agreement.


The fact that Song Joong Ki announced the news of his divorce only a day after officially filing his papers means that he wants Song Hye Kyo’s side to take a more active part in reaching a settlement.”

— Lawyer Kim Nam Gook

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