Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 10 Recap & Review. Episode 10 unravels the hidden truth Joon has kept from Ra-Ra for weeks now. Ra-Ra of course will be left devastated after finding out. She was devastated throughout the entirety of their love.   

Joon Plans to Tell Ra-Ra the Truth

Episode 10 starts off with moments leading up to Ra-Ra’s kidnapping, where she speaks to Joon of regrets she has, not being able to tell her dad, she loves him. Looking on empathic, Joon reassures her and later promises to take her to Jeju Island as he has something important to tell her. 

The Kidnapping

The next scene cuts to the parking lot, where Ra-Ra was taken by Joong-Ho. A flashback from the day before appears where Joon scans through Joong-Ho’s apartment and sees tons of photos of Ra-Ra along with her photo ID. He later finds a box with the name Goo, which gave me a clue of where Ra-Ra might be hidden. 

While at the kidnapper’s place, Ra-Ra suddenly awakes and finds herself tied to a chair facing Joong-Ho. As she looks at him frighteningly he tells her they are meant to be and later speaks of the first time they met. Joong-Ho then promises to punish Ra-Ra for dating another guy. This frightens Ra-Ra as she sees he’s beyond psychotic… scared for her life she begins screaming but he kicks her, leaving her unconscious. 

Joon Arrives Just On Time But is Later Arrested

Hearing the screams, Joon pops up and sees Ra-Ra unconscious. He suddenly left enraged and as the two men start to fight, Joong-Ho is left badly hurt after hitting his head against a table, leaving him unconscious.  Back at LaLa Land, the others are left worried as they try to find clues of who the kidnapper might be. After checking the dashcam footage, they later find out that it was Joong-Ho and calls the police.  

Meanwhile, Joon calls Mr.Kim sobbing as he believed Joong-Ha was dead. Arriving at the scene of the kidnapping, the police put Joon in handcuffs and Ra-Ra still unconscious was taken to the hospital.

At The Police Station

While at the police station, Joon refuses to cooperate with the police. The police, however, are left puzzled as Joon looks familiar, after a while they realized that he was the missing 19-year old high school senior from the posters. After getting a call that Joon was found, Yoon-Sil shows up at the police station and demands that her son be released. Joon was however in disapproval and became irritated after realizing his mother hid his disappearance from his father. This was his way of proving a point to his domineering father… but it was pointless being that his father was unaware. 

Joon’s Mother Visits Ra-Ra in the Hospital

After visiting Joon’s place and learning about the life he has made and his friends, Yong-Sil was left angered after realizing that Joon was dating a divorced woman. 

When she reaches the hospital Ra-Ra is still asleep and Yong-Sil remembers where she knows her from. She has left troubled after realizing that Ra-Ra was Ja-Gyeong’s daughter-in-law whose wedding was called off.  

Ra-Ra Now Knows the Truth

Ra-Ra awakes and eventually hears the truth about Joon from Min-Soo. He revealed that he’s the runaway son and a high school senior… Ra-Ra was left in shock as Min-Soo brings her up to speed. She later heads up to the police station but did not see Joon, as his parent commanded that he returned home.

Trying to get back to Ra-Ra, Joon pretends he needs the bathroom and hides from his mother. Realizing that Joon has run away again, she ordered her men to look for him at Ra-Ra.
Meanwhile, Ra-Ra heads out with Eun-Seok to have ice cream… as they sit Eun-Seok tries to console her as she breaks down in tears. Soon after, Joon rings her on Seung-Ki’s phone and pleads with her to meet up at the dock.
As he waited at the dock, his parent’s mother shows up and ordered her men to put him in the car. Watching from afar, Ra-Ra watches helplessly as he leaves.

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