Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 5 Recap

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 5 Recap
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 5 Recap

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol starts off with heavy rains and thunder, which causes Ra-Ra to consider heading home. However, as she is about to say goodbye. Jun grabs her and pulled her into his arms, telling her not to leave. After composing himself, he realizes and apologizes but begs her not to say goodbye whenever she is leaving.  

After getting picked up by Eun-Seok, she is left deep in thoughts as she stares through the car window. She then told him to pull over and headed back to Joon’s place, where she spies on him playing the guitar. Surprised to see her after she left just a second ago, she explained that she wanted to stay with him. Trying to console him, she tells him to share his sorrows with her and to worry less.

Meanwhile, Eun-Seok is left feeling gloomy as he looks out his window and watches the rain.

While back at Joon’s place, Ra-Ra fell asleep after immersing in a deep conversation about dreams with Joon. Sleeping peacefully, Joon moves closer and admires her.

Waking up with no sight of Joon, Ra-Ra is left troubled but then she finds a tray of breakfast with her favorite meal. She quickly calls him to find out that he went food shopping. 

Meanwhile, Detective Kang queries about the dead body that washed up on the shore. Yoon Shil, Woo Joon’s mother heads to the police station frantically, pressing the detective to find her son.

After brainstorming the news about the missing body the ladies at the salon are later greeted with tasty kimchi and vegetable pancakes. 

While cooking, the ladies mentioned that Ra-Ra slept at the academy because Joon was sick. Trying to connect the dots, they later discussed Joon’s flustered expression after stopping by the bakery. 

While Ra-Ra is back at her studio practicing, she is greeted by the savory smell of vegetable pancakes which caused her to break down the wall separating the academy and the salon. 

As she gets ready to eat, she gets a call from the old man she previously met. To her surprise, he wanted to learn to play the piece, A Maiden’s Prayer.  

After pleading with her, she decided to let him learn for free even though she wouldn’t make any profit.

Later on, she learns that the old man is the owner of the building. 

 Shocked by this she is left feeling awkward, but the old man encouraged and advised her on what to do to be successful.

Eun-Seok later shows up at Joon’s workplace to check up n his health, this however made Joon quite abrasive as the two aren’t friends. Joon later explains to him that he wasn’t sick to begin with. 

Eun-Seok later receives a call from Yeong-Ju, an old friend who seems to have a crush on him. She asks him to buy her dinner, however, he quickly rejects her as he had a piano lesson with Ra-Ra.


Yeong-Ju however followed Eun-Seok as he heads to Lala Piano Studio. Lurking around, Yeong- Ju is caught by Sook Kyeong. 

Sook- Kyeong carefully scans and welcomed her to her beauty salon. Curious as to why Eun-Seok went to get piano lessons, she later interrogates Sook Kyeong and tried to find out more about the academy. 

Meanwhile, Eun-Seok plays the piano excellently but Ra-Ra calls him a is a show-off. She later mentions getting paid for her lessons but he brings up taking her out to dinner.  

She later but surprisingly went to Joon’s workplace where they met up with Ha Young and Seung-Ki. 

While the four ate and chatted, Joon is left feeling uncomfortable as his boss mocks him about Eun-Seok being his new fan club member.  

Meanwhile, Eun-Seok brought up the point that he was once married and is now divorced to prove the point that he was not always single. The others are however left feeling awkward by the discussion. 

After work, Ha-young decides to tell Joon of her true feelings but is later intervened Seung-Ki

After heading home Sook-Kyeong finds a bouquet of flowers sitting at her doorstep, to which she gladly takes up with the belief, it’s hers.  

The search for Joon continues at Eunpo Port, and Min-Soon is scolded by Joon’s mother for not doing his job well. 

 He later then runs into Ra-Ra as he orders a drink at a pop-up bar, where she encourages him to take piano lessons at her academy, as the two ruffled with each other Joon gets concerned while watching from afar.

Ra-Ra later gets her car back but sold it to make extra money.  

Knowing how much her car means to her, Joon stops her from selling it and decided to make her his driver. 

 On the rooftop, the two comforted each other. Ra-Ra offered to be a shoulder where he can cry all he wants. After seeing him sobbing, Ra-Ra also begins to cry. 

En-Seok heads to Seoul to make an important visit but is left surprised after learning that Joon’s father is the director of Sunwoo Foundation and Joon is his only son.

Meanwhile back at LaLa Piano, Ra-Ra tries to take Joon’s height but instead, she fell into his arms, while staring into each other’s eyes, he leans over for a kiss.

In the epilogue, we see Eun-Seoks and Joon’s first encounter after they ran into each other. This is where they first met.

I’m excited about tomorrow’s episode, are you? Stay tuned to drama obsess for more.

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