Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 6 Recap

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 5 Recap

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol starts with Joon rushing to the academy for his piano lesson. Meanwhile, Ra-Ra is back at the academy observing how Joon’s farming is coming along. When he arrived, Ra-Ra walked over to him and suddenly noticed how tall he was. In an attempt to check his height she went closer to him but lost her balance but was quickly caught by Joon. Just as he is about to kiss her, Ra-Ra accidentally hits him in the face causing him to have a nose bleed. 

Ra-Ra is later left alone at the academy and is left lost in thoughts as she thinks about the ‘almost kiss’. Meanwhile, the ladies at the salon next door are left in awe after a handsome man walks in for a hair cut. While this is taking place Ra-Ra suddenly breaks through the wall again (LOL) and proceeded to ask about the age at which men stop growing.  

Sook-Kyeong is later left feeling embarrassed as she cuts a chunk of hair out of the man’s head. 

Back at his apartment, Eunseok tries to process the new information he learned about Joon. According to his memories, he was told by Ra-Ra that Joon is 24 years old but he later found out that he attends a prestigious high school and is in the 12th grade. Bothered by the disparity with what he was told, he heads to Joon’s office to confront him about the truth. 

Eun-Seok later leaves, but purposely left a leather case behind on the tray in hopes that Joon may recognize it. As Joon picked up the case he suddenly remembers where he first encountered Eun-Seok.

The following day Joon visited Eun-Seok, to which Eun-Seok admits what he knows the secret is hiding. Eun-Seok later threatens Joon to be honest with Ra-Ra and stop deceiving her but Joon is left feeling unsettled by the discussion.  

The following scene goes to Joon’s mother and father. His father asks for him but his mother lied about him being at school. The father apparently knows nothing about his disappearance. 

Meanwhile, a new student pops up at the academy

requesting teaching lessons to which Ra-Ra eventually agreed. 

Being troubled by memories, Joon takes a walk. His flashback reveals what transpired before he ran away from his parent’s home. 

His best friend was killed in a car accident for which he blamed himself. Being affected by the loss of his friends he does poorly on his exams which caused his father to scold him harshly. His father made it know that his friend died on his own accord. Hurt by the loss of his friend and infuriated by his father’s insensitive comments, Joon left home.  


Joon’s Mother meanwhile makes another visit to the police station but is told no new information has been found, she then leaves an envelope with money telling the officers to have dinner. 

Disgruntled by the convo he had with Eun-Seok, Joon is left feeling bothered as he overlooks the city.

 He is later approached by Ra-Ra who had been looking for him. She begs him to tell her what’s bothering him but instead, he gets pitiful and asks for space. 

While returning to the academy Ra-Ra runs into Jae-Mi

“backpack boy” that she had seen the day before. She later brings him inside the academy and as he started playing she is left in awe by his talent. 

While at home, Eun-Seok listens to old recordings of him playing back in the day only to be interrupted by Joon showing up at his door. As the two down to talk, Joon questions Eun-Seok about how he knows Ra-Ra. He later told him that he was invited as the groom’s guest at Ra-Ra’s wedding.

Joon suddenly filled the script and threaten Eun-Seok to tell Ra-Ra about Eun-Seok’s secret. 

Now that the two hold secrets for each other no one will be spilling secrets to Ra-Ra. 

The group later decides to go out for dinner and is joined by Eun-Seok and Joon. however, after they realize they had nothing in common  


The day of the celebration comes and everyone is excited to meet the mystery person but before he is revealed, a flashback of 2 months before comes at Eunpo Terminal where Joon helps Man-Bok after having he had a heart attack. 

After hearing what happened at the Terminal, the men searching for Joon finally got a lead.

Episode 6 ended with the group awaiting the mystery man but he is still to be revealed to us.  

As such I’m excited to see the ending of next week’s episode.