Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 7 Recap & Review
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 7 Recap & Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7 starts with everyone gathered at the rooftop anticipating the big reveal of who DoDoSolSol is. When Joong-Ho popped up, everyone believed he was the mystery guy but it turned out that he was there to enjoy the view. This now puts Ra-Ra a step back in finding the mystery guy.

Meanwhile, Min-Soo, the hired investigator, continues on his quest to find Joon by trying to locate Mr.Kim, the landlord. 

After the men located Mr.Kim, they were told that Joon left for left for Jeonju over a month ago.

Concerned that Joon may be in big trouble, Mr.Kim visited him to inform him of the visit. Joon later thanked him and agrees to go back soon. 

The next scene cuts to Ra-Ra feeling sad, however, after receiving a text message from DoDoSolSol saying that he was unable to visit as a result of personal reasons, she later felt relieved.

 He later promised to give her his continued support. 

We later cut to a flashback of Eu-Seok opening up a box with a tiara that Ra-Ra wore on her wedding day. He is seen picking up the object after it fell from her head. This has us all wondering why he held on to tiarra and have it years later.

As we cut to the next scene, Ra-Ra receives a message from the mystery guy, however, she finds herself comparing his choice of words to something similar she’d hear before from Dr.Cha, which proved Eu-Seok may in fact be DoDosolsol.

Still shocked at the idea, the following day she went to his apartment and invited him to lunch but he was running busy. 

Meanwhile back at the salon, RaRa entered through the broken-down wall and invited over the ladies to cook gimbap. After cooking the ladies sat down to eat, it was then Ra-ra inquired about their nickname TWD, which means Those Wishing for Divorce.

With Eun-Seok in mind, Ra-Ra later sent over gimbap to his office with a little note, which he really liked.

After heading out, Ra-Ra sees a flyer advertising a piano competition for kids. It then came to her to help Jae-Min enter the competition.  

Joon later runs into Joong-Ho, Ra-Ra’s student, however, he is left feeling strange as he recognizes him but can’t quite remember where. As a result, he hints to Sook-Kyeong to watch over the studio and his cabbages from time to time. 

Realizing that Joon is talking about him, Joong-Ho looks at him with hostility. 

Further on, Mr. Kim is greeted by an unexpected visitor, Joon’s mother. Desperate to find her son, she begs Mr.Kim to help her and hands him an envelope filled with money. He is however left feeling indifferent especially after the convo he had earlier with Joon.  


On her way back, Joon’s mother stopped the car after believing she saw Joon, however it was Ra-Ra she ran into. Afterthought, she remembered seeing Ra-Ra at the wedding. 

Mr.Kim meanwhile, heads to Joon to warn him of his mom’s visit and encouraged him to be careful, and promised to be his guardian. He later handed him the envelope filled with money, Joon however refused and told him to keep it. 

Later on that day, Enu-Seok and Ra-Ra meet up at the park where he handed her a gift and they had a long talk. Realizing that he enjoyed the moment, he asks her to meet up again soon to have ice cream.

The following day, Joon plans to meet up with Ra-Ra, but runs into Jae-Min, after talking he found out that he lives alone. They later invited to the studio and treated him. However, they later found out that he cannot read the music sheet.

Worried about Jae-Min, Ra-Ra ponders if she’ll be a good teacher, Joon however reassured and comforted her. Later on, everyone including Jae-Min meets up at Sook-Kyeong’s house where they had a good time. 

The following day, Ha-Young confessed her feelings to Joon, but he turns her down and admitted he likes someone else. Suddenly bursting into tears, Seung-Ki arrived and comforted Ha-Young.  

Towards the end of the episode, Eun-Seok and Ra-Ra met up at the academy and the two got to talking about their childhood days. Ha-Young hearing about this tried to get the two closer together so she could have win Joon over. So she sets up a movie date with the group but later cancels, already at the theatre, Eun-Seok and Ra-Ra decided to not waste the ticket and have a good time. 

As this takes place Joon heads back to the academy, prepared dinner, and waited for Ra-Ra, only to find out she’s with Dr.Cha. After hearing this he got enraged at the idea of the two. 

The episode ended with Eun-Seok attempting to make his first move on Ra-Ra and Joon racing to the theatre to confront the two.

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