Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 8 Recap & Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8 starts with Joon rushing to the movie theatre to meet Ra-Ra after hearing she went to the movies with Dr. Cha. 

As Ra-Ra and Dr.Cha agets ready to leave the movie theatre, Dr. Cha suddenly stopped Ra-Ra and tried to confess his feelings but before he could finish she quickly shuts him down. Embarrassed at the sudden rejection, he smiled awkwardly and tells her it’s okay and that they could go back to being old friends. It is clear that Ra-Ra was never really interested in Dr. Cha romantically. 

As they are about to leave, Joon appears and interrupts their conversation, pulling Ra-Ra away saying it’s urgent. When she asked the reason for coming to get her, he gave a silly excuse which got the two smiling. The two later rode home to eat the meal Joon had prepared.  

 The following day Joon sits down with Seung-Ki and tries to get his advice about Ra-Ra. Being that the two are becoming closer, he’s worried about what might happen when she finds out about his secret.

At the academy, Ra-Ra questions Mr. Kim about the new song he’s learning. Later on, we find out that this song reminds him of his wife who passed away from dementia.

Meanwhile, Joon goes to the library to find a piano book loaded with music sheets for several songs. From this, he tries to learn the Maiden’s Prayer. 

Thinking of him, Ra-Ra rings his found and asks him to bring over face cream. without hesitating, he runs over to her apartment. As he hands the cream to her, he mentions how much he misses her. Moving in closer to her, he is reminded of the secret he is withholding from her, he then suddenly steps back and said goodbye, and left.

The following day, Ha-young visits Eun-Seok at the hospital, where asks him to keep on seeing Ra-Ra even though he was turned down. She then encouraged him to not give up. This, of course, will open her chances with Joon, whom she clearly adores. Before she left, Dr.Cha recited one of his favorite quotes, which expressed that if it is meant to be Ra-Ra will come back to him. 

Meanwhile, Ra-Ra messages Jin and Joon and tells him to buy baking ingredients to bake cookies.  Later on, like a family, the trio, Joon, Ra-Ra, and Jae-Min got busy in the kitchen and made delicious cookies. Later on, the three went out for jump rope, which had Jae-Min smiling a lot. 


Joon had hilariously left something inside the over the oven for Ra-Ra however it was burnt, she later messages him about it but he responded that his heart was burning with passion. He suddenly started to regret sending such a corny message

 Meanwhile, we cut to Joon’s mother who is scolded by her husband as he thinks she is having an affair. He still does not know that Joon is missing. 

Min-So however proceeds his search for Joon at the hospital and is met with an important clue linking to Ra-Ra. He later concluded that she is at the Academy.

Eun-Seok meanwhile heads to the salon to get his hair cut, however, he is met by a series of questions from the ladies there.

While he left the sola, his ex-wife appears and begins to spy. She has no idea of what is going up and suddenly feels suspicious after seeing the women admiring him. Sook-Kyeong later catches her and decides to welcome her inside, where she cuts her hair. 

Meanwhile, Ra Ra visits Jae-Min’s dad and tells him that his son loves playing the piano. To get his approval, Joon suddenly said he was Ra-Ra’s husband and they run the academy together, this later got him in trouble LOL. 

After heading back to the Academy, Joon decides to play Ra-Ra a song. She is suddenly left moved after she thinks back to all the fun times they’ve had over the past few weeks. With tear-filled eyes, she tells him he has improved and that it was a beautiful piece. The two later go out on a date and enjoy a beautiful view. Joon lets her know how much he appreciates her and later leans in for a kiss. 

Meanwhile, Min-Soo comes back to town and sees a picture at Lala Land of Joon on the wall. This takes him a step forward in his investigation. 

In the epilogue, it goes back to Ra-Ra playing the piano in a competition. After, someone gives her flowers and tells her she’s his number one fan. However, what’s puzzling is that Joon was the person that took the photo of the two. 

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